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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
May-2010A novel functional probiotic product containing phenolics and anthocyaninsFratianni, F.; Coppola, R.; Sada, Alfonso; Mendiola, J. A.; Ibáñez, Elena; Nazzaro, FilomenaArtículo
Jun-2011Advanced analysis of nutraceuticalsBernal, José; Mendiola, J. A.; Ibáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo
2007Analysis of Chiral Amino Acids in Conventional and Transgenic MaizeHerrero, Miguel; Ibáñez, Elena; Martín Álvarez, Pedro Jesús; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo
2006Analysis of natural antioxidants by capillary electromigration methodsHerrero, Miguel; Ibáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo
2011Analysis of predictive thermodynamic models for estimation of polycyclic aromatic solid solubility in hot pressurized waterFornari, Tiziana; Ibáñez, Elena; Reglero, Guillermo; Stateva, R. P.Artículo
Jun-2008Antimicrobial activity of Dunaliella salina sub and supercritical CO2 extractsMendiola León, Jose Antonio; Santoyo, Susana; Cifuentes, Alejandro; Reglero, Guillermo; Ibáñez, ElenaArtículo
Sep-2008Antioxidants in plant foods and microalgae extracted using compressed fluidsMendiola León, Jose Antonio; Rodríguez Meizoso, Irene; Señorans, F. Javier; Reglero, Guillermo; Cifuentes, Alejandro; Ibáñez, ElenaArtículo
2012Antiviral compounds obtained from microalgae commonly used as carotenoid sourcesSantoyo, Susana; Jaime, Laura; Plaza, Merichel; Herrero, Miguel; Rodríguez-Meizoso, Irene; Ibáñez, Elena; Reglero, GuillermoArtículo
14-Feb-2013Aplicación de productos de la cascarilla del café en cosmética antienvejecimiento y alimentación funcionalCastillo, M. Dolores del; Ibáñez, Elena; Amigo-Benavent, Miryam; Herrero, Miguel; Plaza, Merichel; Ullate, MónicaSolicitud de patente
10-Jan-2013Application of products of coffee silverskin in anti-ageing cosmetics and functional foodCastillo, M. Dolores del; Ibáñez, Elena; Amigo-Benavent, Miryam; Herrero, Miguel; Plaza, Merichel; Ullate, MónicaPatente
2010Application of Supercritical CO2 Extraction for the Elimination of Odorant Volatile Compounds from Winemaking Inactive Dry Yeast PreparationPozo-Bayón, Mª Ángeles; Andújar-Ortiz, Inmaculada; Mendiola, J. A.; Ibáñez, Elena; Moreno Arribas, Mª VictoriaArtículo
2014Assessment of nutritional and metabolic profiles of pea shoots: The new ready-to-eat baby-leaf vegetableSantos, Joana; Herrero, Miguel; Mendiola, J. A.; Ibáñez, Elena; Oliveira, M. B. P. P.Artículo
2014Astaxanthin extraction from Haematococcus pluvialis using CO2-expanded ethanolMendiola, J. A.; Ibáñez, ElenaArtículo
18-Apr-2013Bebida funcional cardiosaludable de vino y extractos de lúpuloReglero, Guillermo; Fornari, Tiziana; Prodanov, M.; Ibáñez, Elena; Jaime, Laura; Soler-Rivas, Cristina; García-Risco, Mónica R.; Santoyo, Susana; Arranz, Elena; Gil-Ramírez, AliciaSolicitud de patente
2013Benefits of using algae as natural sources of functional ingredientsIbáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo
2008Capillary electrophoresis-electrospraymass spectrometry in peptide analysis and peptidomicsHerrero, Miguel; Ibáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo
2006Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry of Spirulina platensis proteins obtained by pressurized liquid extractionHerrero, Miguel; Simó, Carolina; Ibáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo
2012Capillary electrophoretic profiling of tryptic digests of water soluble proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis-transgenic and non-transgenic maize speciesSázelová, Petra; Kašička, Václav; León, Carlos; Ibáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo
2007Characterization by high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry of the lipid fraction of Spirulina platensis pressurized ethanol extractHerrero, Miguel; Vicente, Maria J; Cifuentes, Alejandro; Ibáñez, ElenaArtículo
2013Characterization of grape seed procyanidins by comprehensive two-dimensional hydrophilic interaction × reversed phase liquid chromatography coupled to diode array detection and tandem mass spectrometry.Montero, Lidia; Herrero, Miguel; Prodanov, M.; Ibáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, AlejandroArtículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 105