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2013Electronic structure of silicene on Ag(111): Strong hybridization effectsCahangirov, Seymur; Audiffred, Martha; Tang, Peizhe; Iacomino, Amilcare; Duan, Wenhui; Merino, Gabriel; Rubio Secades, ÁngelArtículo
2013GW at the interface: CH3 OH and H2 O on TiO2 (110)Mowbray, D. J.; Migani, Annapaola; Iacomino, Amilcare; Zhao, Jin; Petek, Hrvoje; Rubio, AngelPresentación
2013Level alignment of a prototypical photocatalytic system: Methanol on TiO2(110)Migani, Annapaola; Mowbray, D. J.; Iacomino, Amilcare; Zhao, Jin; Petek, Hrvoje; Rubio Secades, ÁngelArtículo
2013Optical spectra and excitonic effects in hetero-stacked layers of transition metal dichalcogenidesIacomino, Amilcare; Cudazzo, Pierluigi; Rubio, AngelComunicación de congreso
2013Properties of photoinduced states in water covered Alkali atoms on a Cu(111) surfaceIacomino, Amilcare; Pérez Paz, Alejandro; Meyer, Jörg; Bovensiepen, U.; Wolf, M.; Rubio, AngelPresentación
2010Tailoring electronic and optical properties of TiO2: nanostructuring, doping and molecular-oxide interactionsChiodo, Letizia; García-Lastra, J. M.; Mowbray, D. J.; Iacomino, Amilcare; Rubio Secades, ÁngelCapítulo de libro

Showing results 1 to 6 of 6