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openAccessjournal.pone.0023708.pdf.jpg2011Detection, Properties, and Frequency of Local Calcium Release from the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum in Teleost CardiomyocytesLlach, Anna; Molina, Cristina E.; Alvarez Lacalle, Enrique; Tort, Lluis; Benítez, Raul; Hove-Madsen, Leifartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2018Dynamic and Irregular distribution of RyR2 clusters in the periphery of live ventricular myocytesHiess, Florian; Detampel, Pascal; Nolla-Colomer, Carme; Vallmitjana, Alexander; Ganguly, Anutosh; Amrein, Matthias; ter Keurs, Hendrick E.D.J.; Benítez, Raul; Hove-Madsen, Leif; Chen, S. R. Wayneartículo
openAccessLow Density Lipoproteins-Barriga.PDF.jpg13-Mar-2013Low Density Lipoproteins Promote Unstable Calcium Handling Accompanied by Reduced SERCA2 and Connexin-40 Expression in CardiomyocytesBarriga, Montserrat; Cal, Roi; Cabello, Nuria; Badimón Maestro, Lina; Llorente-Cortés, Vicenta; Hove-Madsen, Leifartículo
openAccessWO2010103144A1.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2010Method for detecting local events of intracellular calcium releaseBenítez, Raul; Álvarez, Enrique; Hove-Madsen, Leifsolicitud de patente
openAccessProfibrotic_Molina.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2018Profibrotic, electrical, and calcium-handling remodeling of the atria in heart failure patients with and without atrial fibrillationMolina, Cristina E.; Abu-Taha, Issam H.; Wang, Qiongling; Roselló-Díez, Elena; Kamler, Markus; Nattel, Stanley; Ravens, Ursula; Wehrens, Xander H. T.; Hove-Madsen, Leif; Heijman, Jordi; Dobrev, Dobromirartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg5-Jan-2018Reduced expression of cardiac ryanodine receptor protects against stress-induced ventricular tachyarrhythmia, but increases the susceptibility to cardiac alternansZhong, Xiaowei; Vallmitjana, Alexander; Sun, Bo; Xiao, Zhichao; Wenting Guo,; Wei, Jinhong; Ni, Mingke; Chen, Yongxiang; O'Brien, Edward R.; Gillis, Anne M.; Hoshijima, Masahiko; Takeshima, Hiroshi; Hove-Madsen, Leif; Benítez, Raul; Belke, Darrell; Chen, S. R. Wayneartículo
openAccessCardiac ryanodine_Sun.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2018The cardiac ryanodine receptor, but not sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase, is a major determinant of Ca2+ alternans in intact mouse heartsSun, Bo; Wei, Jinhong; Zhong, Xiaowei; Wenting Guo; Yao, Jinjing; Wang, Ruiwu; Vallmitjana, Alexander; Benítez, Raul; Hove-Madsen, Leif; Chen, S. R. Wayneartículo