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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
7-Nov-2013Characterizing the deterministic nature of individual power dropouts in semiconductor lasers subject to delayed feedbackHicke, Konstantin; Porte, Xavier; Fischer, IngoArtículo
2013Information Processing Using Transient Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers Subject to Delayed FeedbackHicke, Konstantin; Escalona-Morán, M.; Brunner, Daniel; Soriano, Miguel C.Artículo
18-May-2011Mismatch and synchronization: Influence of asymmetries in systems of two delay-coupled lasersFlunkert, V.; Hicke, Konstantin; D'Huys, Otti; Schöll, Eckehard; Danckaert, Jan; Fischer, IngoArtículo
21-May-2014Synchronization and application of delay-coupled semiconductor lasersHicke, KonstantinTesis
2012Zero-lag synchronization and bubbling in delay-coupled lasersTiana-Alsina, Jordi; Hicke, Konstantin; Porte, Xavier; Soriano, Miguel C.; Torrent, M. C.; García-Ojalvo, Jordi; Fischer, IngoArtículo

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5