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openAccesscoherent.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2010Coherent pion production off nuclei at T2K and MiniBooNE energies revisitedNieves, Juan Miguel; Hernández, Eliecer; Valverde, M.Artículo
openAccessHyperfine.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2010Hyperfine mixing in b -> c semileptonic decay of doubly heavy baryonsNieves, Juan Miguel; Albertus, Conrado; Hernández, EliecerArtículo
openAccessHyperfine.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2010Hyperfine mixing in electromagnetic decay of doubly heavy bc baryonsNieves, Juan Miguel; Hernández, Eliecer; Albertus, ConradoArtículo
openAccess0610067v1.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2007Inclusive ω photoproduction from nuclei and ω in the nuclear mediumKaskulov, Murat; Hernández, Eliecer; Oset, EulogiArtículo
openAccessaxial form.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2010N-Delta(1232) axial form factors from weak pion productionVicente Vacas, Manuel J.; Nieves, Juan Miguel; Hernández, Eliecer; Valverde, M.Artículo
openAccessNeutrino_induced_coherent_pion.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2009Neutrino induced coherent pion production off nuclei and the partial conservation of the axial currentHernández, Eliecer; Nieves, Juan Miguel; Vicente Vacas, Manuel J.Artículo
openAccessbackground.pdf.jpgNov-2010On the background in the gamma p -> omega(pi(0)gamma)p reaction and mixed event simulationKaskulov, Murat; Hernández, Eliecer; Oset, EulogiArtículo
openAccess0702022v1.pdf.jpgFeb-2007Recent developments in chiral dynamics of hadrons and hadrons in nucleiOset, Eulogi; Döring, Michael; Kaskulov, Murat; Roca, Luis; Sarkar, S.; Strottman, Dan; Vicente Vacas, Manuel J.; Magas, Volodymyr K.; Ramos, Àngels; Hernández, EliecerArtículo
openAccess1102.3981v1.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2010Selected topics on Hadrons in NucleiOset, Eulogi; Kaskulov, Murat; Hernández, Eliecer; Ramos, Àngels; Magas, Volodymyr K.; Yamagata-Sekihara, J.; Hirenzaki, S.; Gamermann, Daniel; Molina, Raquel; Tolós, Laura; Roca, LuisPre-print
openAccessSemileptonic.pdf.jpgSep-2010Semileptonic bc to cc and bb to bc baryon decays and heavy quark spin symmetryNieves, Juan Miguel; Hernández, Eliecer; Flynn, J. M.Comunicación de congreso
openAccessAmaro.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2009Theoretical study of neutrino-induced coherent pion production off nuclei at T2K and MiniBooNE energiesAmaro, J. E.; Hernández, Eliecer; Nieves, Juan Miguel; Valverde, M.Artículo