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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2004Anaplasma infection in free-ranging Iberian red deer in the region of Castilla-La Mancha, SpainDe la fuente, J.; Vicente, J.; Höfle, Ursula; Ruiz Fons, Francisco; Fernández de Mera, Isabel G.; Van Den Bussche, R.A.; Kocan, Katherine M.; Gortázar, Christian
openAccess2012Antibodies to West Nile virus and related flaviviruses in wild boar, red foxes and other mesomammals from SpainGutiérrez Guzmán, A-V.; Vicente, J.; Sobrino, Raquel; Pérez Ramírez, E; Llorente, Francisco; Höfle, Ursula
closedAccess2011Assessment of lead exposure in Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti) from spent ammunition in central SpainRodriguez-Ramos Fernandez, J.; Höfle, Ursula; Mateo, R.; Nicolas De Francisco, O.; Abbott, R.; Acevedo, P.; Blanco, J. M.
closedAccess2007Aujeszky's disease virus infection patterns in European wild boarRuiz Fons, Francisco; Vidal, Dolors; Höfle, Ursula; Vicente, J.; Gortázar, Christian
openAccess2006Avoiding bias in parasite excretion estimates: The effect of sampling time and type of faecesVillanúa, Diego; Pérez-Rodríguez, Lorenzo; Gortázar, Christian; Höfle, Ursula; Viñuela, Javier
closedAccess2004Bilateral ovarian teratoma in a free-living Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus)Höfle, Ursula; Vicente, J.; Gortázar, Christian
openAccess2006Changes in parasite transmission stage excretion after pheasant releaseVillanúa, Diego; Acevedo, P.; Höfle, Ursula; Rodríguez, O.; Gortázar, Christian
openAccess2004Descriptive study of an avian pox outbreak in wild red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) in SpainBuenestado, Amparo; Gortázar, Christian; Millán, J.; Höfle, Ursula; Villafuerte, Rafael
openAccess2010Detection of low pathogenic avian influenza viruses in wild birds in Castilla-La Mancha (south central Spain)Pérez-Ramírez, Elisa; Gerrikagoitia, X.; Barral, Marta; Höfle, Ursula
closedAccess2007Diseases shared between wildlife and livestock: A European perspectiveGortázar, Christian; Ferroglio, E.; Höfle, Ursula; Frölich, K; Vicente, J.
closedAccess2012Do wild ungulates allow improved monitoring of flavivirus circulation in Spain?Boadella, Mariana; Díez-Delgado, I.; Gutiérrez-Guzmán, Ana Valeria; Höfle, Ursula; Gortázar, Christian
closedAccess2006Effects of parasitic helminths and ivermectin treatment on clinical parameters in the European wild boar (Sus scrofa)López-Olvera, J.R; Höfle, Ursula; Vicente, J.; Fernández-de-Mera, Isabel G; Gortázar, Christian
openAccessMar-2004Epidemiological study on porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) infection in the European wild boar (Sus scrofa)Vicente Baños, Joaquín; Segalés, Joaquim; Höfle, Ursula; Balasch, Mònica; Plana-Durán, Joan; Domingo, Mariano; Gortázar, Christian
openAccess2007Estimation of European wild boar relative abundance and aggregation: A novel method in epidemiological risk assessmentAcevedo, P.; Vicente, J.; Höfle, Ursula; Cassinello, Jorge; Ruiz-Fons, Francisco; Gortázar, Christian
openAccess14-Oct-2008Estudio de la eficacia del Producto C-96 para la caza con "Parany". Informe final.Viñuela, Javier; Mateo, Rafael; Villanúa, Diego; Höfle, Ursula; Luna, Salvador; Camarero, Pablo; Jiménez, Begoña
closedAccess2012Expedientes X en enfermedades de fauna silvestreHöfle, Ursula
closedAccess2009Factors affecting red deer skin test responsiveness to bovine and avian tuberculin and to phytohaemagglutininFernández de Mera, Isabel G.; Vicente, J.; Höfle, Ursula; Fons, F.R.; Ortiz, J.A.; Gortázar, Christian
closedAccess2006Genes differentially expressed in oropharyngeal tonsils and mandibular lymph nodes of tuberculous and nontuberculous European wild boars naturally exposed to Mycobacterium bovisNaranjo, V.; Höfle, Ursula; Vicente, J.; Martín, M.P; Ruiz Fons, Francisco; Gortázar, Christian; Kocan, K.M; De la Fuente, J.
closedAccess2005Genetic resistance to bovine tuberculosis in the Iberian wild boarAcevedo-Whitehouse, Karina; Vicente, J.; Gortázar, Christian; Höfle, Ursula; Fernández de Mera, Isabel G.; Amos, W.
closedAccess2009Implementing artificial insemination as an effective tool for ex situ conservation of endangered avian speciesBlanco, J.M.; Wildt, David E.; Höfle, Ursula; Voelker, W.; Donoghue, A.M