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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Antarctic Thresholds - Ecosystem Resilience and Adaptation: a new SCAR-Biology ProgrammeGutt, Julian; Isla, Enrique; Xavier, José C.
openAccess2005The Antarctic-Magellan connection: macrobenthos ecology on the shelf and upper slope, a progress reportMontiel, Américo; Thatje, Sven; Arntz, Wolf E.; Gerdes, Dieter; Gili, Josep Maria; Gutt, Julian; Jacob, Ute; Orejas, Covadonga; Teixidó, Nuria
closedAccessJan-2011Biodiversity change after climate-induced ice-shelf collapse in the AntarcticGutt, Julian; Isla, Enrique; Sañé, Elisabet
closedAccessJan-2006Mega-epibenthos at Bouvet Island (South Atlantic): a spatially isolated biodiversity hot spot on a tiny geological spotGutt, Julian; Fricke, Anna; Teixidó, Nuria; Potthoff, Michael; Arntz, Wolf E.
closedAccessJan-2006Missing link in the Southern Ocean: sampling the marine benthic fauna of remote Bouvet IslandArntz, Wolf E.; Thatje, Sven; Linse, Katrin; Ávila, Conxita; Ballesteros, Manuel; Barnes, David K. A.; Cope, Thérèse; Cristobo, Francisco J.; De Broyer, Claude; Gutt, Julian, et al
closedAccessApr-2006Observations of asexual reproductive strategies in Antarctic hexactinellid sponges from ROV video recordsTeixidó, Nuria; Gili, Josep Maria; Uriz, María Jesús; Gutt, Julian; Arntz, Wolf E.
closedAccessJan-2011Pigments in sediments beneath recently collapsed ice shelves: The case of Larsen A and B shelves, Antarctic PeninsulaSañé, Elisabet; Isla, Enrique; Grémare, A.; Gutt, Julian; Vétion, G.; DeMaster, D.J.
closedAccessJun-2013Shifts in Antarctic megabenthic structure after ice-shelf disintegration in the Larsen area east of the Antarctic PeninsulaGutt, Julian; Cape, Mattias; Dimmler, Werner; Fillinger, Laura; Isla, Enrique; Lieb, Verena; Lundälv, Tomas; Pulcher, Christian
closedAccessMay-2008Survey of deep-dwelling red coral (Corallium rubrum) populations at Cap de Creus (NW Mediterranean)Rossi, Sergio; Tsounis, Georgios; Orejas, Covadonga; Padrón, Tirma; Gili, Josep Maria; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Teixidó, Nuria; Gutt, Julian
closedAccessApr-2015The Southern Ocean ecosystem under multiple climate change stresses - an integrated circumpolar assessmentGutt, Julian; Isla, Enrique; Xavier, José C.