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openAccessAug-1997The amino-terminal domain of the CCR2 chemokine receptor acts as coreceptor for HIV-1 infectionFrade, José M.R.; Llorente Gómez, María de las Mercedes; Mellado, Mario; Alcamí, José; Gutiérrez Ramos, José Carlos; Zaballos, Ángel; Real, Gustavo del; Martínez-Alonso, CarlosArtículo
openAccessJan-2000CC Chemokine receptor (CCR)3/eotaxin is followed by CCR4/monocyte-derived chemokine in mediating pulmonary T helper lymphocyte type 2 recruitment after serial antigen challenge in vivoLloyd, Clare M.; Delaney, Tracy; Nguyen, Trang; Tian, Jane; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Coyle, Anthony J.; Gutiérrez Ramos, José CarlosArtículo
openAccessJul-1998The coordinated action of CC chemokines in the lung orchestrates allergic inflammation and airway hyperresponsivenessGonzalo, José Ángel; Lloyd, Clare M.; Wen, Danyi; Albar, Juan Pablo; Wells, Timothy N.C.; Proudfoot, Amanda; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Gutiérrez Ramos, José CarlosArtículo
openAccessNov-1996Distinct expression and function of the novel mouse chemokine monocyte chemotactic protein-5 in lung allergic inflammationJia, Gui-Quan; Gonzalo, José Ángel; Lloyd, Clare M.; Kremer, Leonor; Lu, Lei; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Wershill, B.K.; Gutiérrez Ramos, José CarlosArtículo
openAccessNov-1996Eosinophil recruitment to the lung in a murine model of allergic inflammation : the role of T Cells, chemokines, and adhesion receptorsGonzalo, José Ángel; Lloyd, Clare M.; Kremer, Leonor; Finger, Elizabeth; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Siegelman, M.H.; Cybulsky, Myron; Gutiérrez Ramos, José CarlosArtículo
openAccessJan-1993Putative prethymic T cell precursors within the early human embryonic liver: a molecular and functional analysisSánchez, María J.; Gutiérrez Ramos, José Carlos; Fernández, Edgar; Leonardo, Esther; Lozano, Juan José; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Toribio, María LuisaArtículo