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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011A chromatin perspective of plant cell cycle progressionCostas, Celina; Desvoyes, Bénédicte ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
closedAccess20-Dec-1991Analysis of replicative intermediates produced during bacteriophage φ29 DNA replication in vitroGutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto ; Sogo, José M.; Salas, Margarita  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013ANTI-SILENCING FUNCTION1 proteins are involved in ultraviolet-induced DNA damage repair and are cell cycle regulated by E2F transcription factors in arabidopsisLario, Luciana D.; Ramírez-Parra, Elena; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto ; Spampinato, Claudia P.; Casati, Paulaartículo
openAccessJCdelPozo_PlantCell_3057.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2002Arabidopsis E2Fc functions in cell division and is degraded by the ubiquitin-SCFAtSKP2 pathway in response to lightPozo, Juan Carlos del ; Boniotti, Maria Beatrice; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
closedAccess26-Jan-2009Arabidopsis ORC1 is a PHD-containing H3K4me3 effector that regulates transcriptionSánchez, María de la Paz ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
closedAccess1-Jan-1994Assembly of phage phi 29 genome with viral protein p6 into a compact complexGutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto ; Freire, Raimundo ; Salas, Margarita  ; Hermoso, José Miguelartículo
openAccessWO2006037834A1.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2006ATPSKP2D Transgenic plants, production method thereof and uses of same.Pozo, Juan Carlos del ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Auxin and epigenetic regulation of SKP2B, an F-box that represses lateral root formationManzano, Concepción; Ramírez-Parra, Elena; Casimiro, Ida; Otero, Sofía ; Desvoyes, Bénédicte ; Rybert, Bert de; Beeckman, Tom; Casero, P.; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto ; Pozo, Juan Carlos del artículo
openAccessBDesvoyes_PlantPhysiol_67.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2005Cell type-specific role of the retinoblastoma/E2F pathway during arabidopsis leaf developmentDesvoyes, Bénédicte ; Ramírez-Parra, Elena; Xie, Qi; Chua, Nam-Hai; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
openAccessreferencia154.pdf.jpg1990Characterization of a DNA binding protein of bacteriophage PRD1 involved in DNA replicationPakula, Tiina M.; Caldentey, Javier; Serrano, Manuel; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto ; Hermoso, José Miguel; Salas, Margarita  ; Bamford, Dennis H.artículo
openAccessGutiérrez Crisanto Chromatin.pdf.jpg2015Chromatin and development: A special issueGutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto ; Puchta, Holger.artículo
closedAccess2-Jun-1994Complex Formation between Phage φ29 Single-stranded DNA Binding Protein and DNASoenga, María S.; Esteban, José A. ; Salas, Margarita  ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
closedAccess1994DNA structure in the nucleoprotein complex that activates replication of phage phi 29Hermoso, José Miguel; Freire, Raimundo ; Bravo, Alicia ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto ; Serrano, Manuel; Salas, Margarita  artículo
openAccessGutierrezC_EmergingRolesOfChromatin.pdf.jpg2017Emerging roles of chromatin in the maintenance of genome organization and function in plantsVergara, Zaida ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
openAccess13059_2017_Article_1236.pdf.jpg23-May-2017Emerging roles of chromatin in the maintenance of genome organization and function in plantsVergara, Zaida ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
openAccessGutierrezC_GEMAMemberOfTheGRAMDomain.pdf.jpg4-Mar-2016GEM, a member of the GRAM domain family of proteins, is part of the ABA signaling pathwayMauri, Nuria; Fernández de Marco, M. del Mar ; Costas, Celina; Desvoyes, Bénédicte ; Pichel, Antonio; Caro, Elena ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
openAccessCGutierrez_NAR_5404.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2005The genes encoding Arabidopsis ORC subunits are E2F targets and the two ORC1 genes are differently expressed in proliferating and endoreplicating cellsDíaz-Trivino, Sara; Castellano, María del Mar; Sánchez, María de la Paz ; Ramírez-Parra, Elena; Desvoyes, Bénédicte ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
openAccess2-Sep-2015Genome architecture: from linear organisation of chromatin to the 3D assembly in the nucleusSequeira-Mendes, Joana ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
openAccessC_Gutierrez_Genome_Wide.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2012Genome-wide analysis of histone H3.1 and H3.3 variants in Arabidopsis thalianaStroud, Hume; Otero, Sofía ; Desvoyes, Bénédicte ; Ramírez-Parra, Elena; Jacobsen, Steve E.; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012GTL1 keeps cell growth and nuclear ploidy under controlCaro, Elena ; Desvoyes, Bénédicte ; Gutiérrez Armenta, Crisanto artículo