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closedAccessMar-2014Dinomyces arenysensis gen. et sp. nov. (Rhizophydiales, Dinomycetaceae fam. nov.), a Chytrid Infecting Marine DinoflagellatesLepelletier, Frédéric; Karpov, Sergey A.; Alacid, Elisabet; Le Panse, Sophie; Bigeard, Estelle; Garcés, Esther; Jeanthon, Christian; Guillou, LaureArtículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0057170.pdf.jpgFeb-2013General Patterns of Diversity in Major Marine Microeukaryote LineagesPernice, Massimo; Logares, Ramiro; Guillou, Laure; Massana, RamonArtículo
openAccessa042p277.pdf.jpg29-Mar-2006Genetic diversity and habitats of two enigmatic marine alveolate lineagesGroisillier, Agnès; Massana, Ramon; Valentin, Klaus; Vaulot, Daniel; Guillou, LaureArtículo
openAccessa045p171.pdf.jpg24-Nov-2006Growth of uncultured heterotrophic flagellates in unamended seawater incubationsMassana, Ramon; Guillou, Laure; Terrado, Ramon; Forn, Irene; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
openAccessParalytic_shellfish_toxin_content.pdf.jpg2015Paralytic shellfish toxin content is related to genomic sxtA4 copy number in Alexandrium minutum strainsStüken, Anke; Riobó, Pilar; Franco, José M.; Jakobsen, Kjetill S.; Guillou, Laure; Figueroa, Rosa IsabelArtículo
openAccessNucl. Acids Res.-2013-Guillou-D597-604.pdf.jpgJan-2013The Protist Ribosomal Reference database (PR2): a catalog of unicellular eukaryote Small Sub-Unit rRNA sequences with curated taxonomyGuillou, Laure; Campo, Javier del; Logares, Ramiro; Massana, Ramon; Christen, RichardArtículo
closedAccess3-Sep-2008Widespread occurrence and genetic diversity of marine parasitoids belonging to Syndiniales (Alveolata)Guillou, Laure; Viprey, Manon; Chambouvet, A.; Welsh, R.M.; Kirkham, A.R.; Massana, Ramon; Scanlan, Dave J.; Worden, A.Z.Artículo