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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess22-Jul-20125-S-Lipoylhydroxytyrosol and its polysulfides: synthesis and assessment of the antioxidant properties by in vitro and cellular assaysPanzella, L.; Verota, L.; Goya, Luis; Ramos, Sonia; Martín, M. Angeles; Bravo, Laura; Napolitano, A.; D'Ischia, M.
openAccess2009A cell culture model for the assessment of the chemopreventive potential of dietary compoundsGoya, Luis; Martín, M. Angeles; Ramos, Sonia; Mateos, Raquel; Bravo, Laura
openAccess17-Oct-2011A comparative study of the effects of regularly consuming two cocoa products with different polyphenols levels on cardiovascular health in humans.Martínez López, Sara; Sarriá, Beatriz; Gómez Juaristi, Miren; Fernández-Espinosa, Aránzazu; Goya, Luis; Mateos, Raquel; Bravo, Laura
openAccess2009A diet rich in cocoa attenuates N-nitrosodiethylamine-induced liver injury in ratsGranado-Serrano, A. B.; Martín, M. Angeles; Bravo, Laura; Goya, Luis; Ramos, Sonia
closedAccess2007A diet rich in dietary fiber from cocoa improves lipid profile and reduces malondialdehyde in hypercholesterolemic ratsLecumberri, Elena; Goya, Luis; Mateos, Raquel; Alía, Margarita; Ramos, Sonia; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Bravo, Laura
closedAccess2008A diet rich in dietary fibre from cocoa improves lipid profileBravo, Laura; Lecumberri, Elena; Mateos, Raquel; Ramos, Sonia; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Goya, Luis
openAccess26-Oct-2011A fibre rich product obtained from cocoa husk induces hypotensive and hypoglycaemic effects in moderately hypercholesterolemic humans.Sarriá, Beatriz; Mateos, Raquel; Sierra-Cinos, J. L.; Goya, Luis; García-Diz, L.; Bravo, Laura
closedAccess2013A study of the bioavailability of green coffee methylxanthines in humansBravo, Laura; Martínez López, Sara; Sarriá, Beatriz; Goya, Luis; Mateos, Raquel
closedAccess1997Acción de las hormonas tiroideas sobre las proteínas ligadoras (IGFBPs) de los factores similares a la insulina (IGFs)Ramos, Sonia; Goya, Luis; Alvarez, Cristina; Martín, M. A.; Rubio, E.; Puente, A. de la; Agote, M; Escrivá, Fernando; Pascual-Leone , A. M.
closedAccess2002Agonist-specific and sexual stage-dependent inhibition of gonadotropin-releasing hormone-stimulated gonadotropin and growth hormone release by ryanodine: Relationship to sexual stage-dependent caffeine-sensitive hormone releaseChowen, J.A.; Goya, Luis; Ramos, Sonia; Busiguina, S.; Garcia-Segura, Luis M.; Argente, J.; Pascual-Leone, A.M.
closedAccess2011Alkyl hydroxytyrosyl ethers show protective effects against oxidative stress in HepG2 cellsPereira-Caro, G.; Sarriá, Beatriz; Madrona, Andrés; Espartero, José L.; Goya, Luis; Bravo, Laura; Mateos, Raquel
closedAccess2014Anti-oxidative stress actions of cocoa in colonic cancerRamos, Sonia; Goya, Luis; Martín, M. Angeles
closedAccess2006Aplidin® induces JNK-dependent apoptosis in human breast cancer cells via alteration of glutathione homeostasis, Rac1 GTPase activation, and MKP-1 phosphatase downregulationGonzález-Santiago, L.; Suárez, Yajaira; Muñoz-Alonso, María J.; Cuadrado, Ana; Martínez, Teresa; Goya, Luis; Rojas, José María; Muñoz Terol, Alberto
openAccess11-Jun-2003Availability of quercetin as functional ingredient in fish gelsPérez Mateos, Miriam; Gómez Guillén, M. C.; Bravo, Laura; Goya, Luis; Solas, M. Teresa; Montero García, Pilar
openAccess5-Nov-2008Bioactivity of cocoa flavonoids in human hepatoma cells. Antioxidant effects and mechanisms of action against oxidative stress-induced apoptosis.Bravo, Laura; Martín, M. Angeles; Granado-Serrano, A. B.; Mateos, Raquel; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Ramos, Sonia; Goya, Luis
openAccess17-Oct-2011Bioavailability and metabolism of three structurally different flavonoids by Caco-2 cells.Gómez Juaristi, Miren; Mateos, Raquel; Sarriá, Beatriz; Martínez López, Sara; Goya, Luis; Bravo, Laura
closedAccess2009Biscuit melanoidins of different molecular masses protect human HepG2 cells against oxidative stressMartin, M. A.; Ramos, Sonia; Mateos, Raquel; Rufian Henares, J. A.; Morales, F. J.; Bravo, Laura; Goya, Luis
closedAccess2006CARACTERIZACION DE LA FIBRA DE CACAO Y SU EFECTO SOBRE LA CAPACIDAD ANTIOXIDANTE EN SUERO DE ANIMALES DE EXPERIMENTACIONLecumberri, Elena; Mateos, Raquel; Ramos, Sonia; Alía, Margarita; Rupérez Antón, Pilar; Goya, Luis; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Bravo, Laura
openAccessSep-2006Caracterización de la fibra de cacao y su efecto sobre la capacidad antioxidante en suero de animales de experimentaciónLecumberri, Elena; Mateos, Raquel; Ramos, Sonia; Alía, Mario; Rupérez Antón, Pilar; Goya, Luis; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Bravo, Laura
closedAccess1986Changes in blood glucose, liver glycogen, ketone bodies and plasma insulin in suckling rats treated with a single high cortisol dose one day after birthAranguez, I.; Goya, Luis; Pascual-Leone, A. M.