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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011A chronic pain: Inflammation-dependent chemoreceptor adaptation in rat carotid bodyLiu, X.; González, ConstancioArtículo
Dec-2010A revisit to O2 sensing and transduction in the carotid body chemoreceptors in the context of reactive oxygen species biologyGonzález, Constancio; Agapito, M. T.; Rocher, Asunción; Gómez-Niño, A.; Rigual, R.; Castañeda, J.; Conde, S. V.; Obeso, A.Artículo
Jun-2011Apolipoprotein D alters the early transcriptional response to oxidative stress in the adult cerebellumBajo-Grañeras, Raquel; Sánchez, Diego; González, Constancio; Ganfornina, M. D.Artículo
2011Carotid body function and ventilatory responses in intermittent hypoxia. evidence for anomalous brainstem integration of arterial chemoreceptor inputGonzález Martín, Carmen; Vega Agapito, Victoria; Conde, S. V.; Castañeda, J.; Bustamante, Rosa; Olea, E.; Pérez-Vizcaino, F.; González, Constancio; Obeso, A.Artículo
2011Carotid body function in aged rats: responses to hypoxia, ischemia, dopamine, and adenosineMonteiro, T. C.; Obeso, A.; González, ConstancioArtículo
2002Chemoreceptor activity is normal in mice lacking the NK1 receptorRigual, R.; Rico, Alberto J.; Prieto-Lloret, Jesús; González, ConstancioArtículo
2011Chronic caffeine intake decreases circulating catecholamines and prevents diet-induced insulin resistance and hypertension in ratsConde, S. V.; González, ConstancioArtículo
2005Comparative gene expression profile of mouse carotid body and adrenal medulla under physiological hypoxiaGanfornina, M. D.; Pérez-García, M. Teresa; Miguel-Velado, Eduardo; López-López, José R.; Sánchez, Diego; González, ConstancioArtículo
2005Effect of p47phox gene deletion on ROS production and oxygen sensing in mouse carotid body chemoreceptor cellsObeso, A.; González, ConstancioArtículo
2011Effects of cigarette smoke and chronic hypoxia on airways remodeling and resistance. Clinical significanceOlea, E.; Prieto-Lloret, Jesús; González Martín, Carmen; Vega Agapito, Victoria; Gonzalez-Obeso, E.; Agapito, M. T.; Obeso, A.; González, ConstancioArtículo
2011Effects of cigarette smoke and hypoxia on the pulmonary circulation in the guinea pigFerrer, E.; Castañeda, J.; Prieto-Lloret, Jesús; Olea, E.; González Martín, Carmen; Vega Agapito, Victoria; Obeso, A.; González, ConstancioArtículo
2011Effects of intermittent hypoxia on chemoreceptionGonzález, Constancio; Agapito, M. T.; Rocher, Asunción; Gómez-Niño, A.; Rigual, R.; Yubero, S.; Obeso, A.Comunicación de congreso
2009EPAC signalling pathways are involved in low PO2 chemoreception in carotid body chemoreceptor cellsRocher, Asunción; Cáceres, Ana Isabel; Almaraz, Laura; González, ConstancioArtículo
2009General redox environment and carotid body chemoreceptor functionAgapito, M. T.; Sanz-Alfayate, Gloria; Gómez-Niño, A.; González, Constancio; Obeso, A.Artículo
1999Hypoxia inhibits the synthesis of phosphoinositides in the rabbit carotid bodyRigual, R.; Rocher, Asunción; González, ConstancioArtículo
2007Hypoxia transduction by carotid body chemoreceptors in mice lacking dopamine D2 receptorsPrieto-Lloret, Jesús; Rico, Alberto J.; Moratalla, Rosario; González, Constancio; Rigual, R.Artículo
2009Maxik potassium channels in the function of chemoreceptor cells of the rat carotid bodyGómez-Niño, A.; Obeso, A.; Baranda, José Antonio; Santo-Domingo, Jaime; López-López, José R.; González, ConstancioArtículo
Jun-2011Moderate ethanol ingestion, redox status, and cardiovascular system in the ratGonzález Martín, Carmen; Vega Agapito, Victoria; Obeso, A.; Prieto-Lloret, Jesús; Bustamante, Rosa; Castañeda, J.; Agapito, M. T.; González, ConstancioArtículo
2007Molecular identification and functional role of voltage-gated sodium channels in rat carotid body chemoreceptor cells. Regulation of expression by chronic hypoxia in vivoCáceres, Ana Isabel; Obeso, A.; González, Constancio; Rocher, AsunciónArtículo
Oct-2011Neutral sphingomyelinase, NADPH oxidase and reactive oxygen species. Role in acute hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstrictionFrazziano, Giovanna; González, ConstancioArtículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 29