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embargoedAccessPinto_CarbohPol_2020_postprint.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2020Bacterial cellulose/graphene oxide aerogels with enhanced dimensional and thermal stabilityPinto, Susana C.; Gonçalves, Gil; Sandoval, Stefania ; López Periago, Ana M. ; Borrás, Alejandro ; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepción; Tobias, Gerard ; Duarte, Isabel; Vicente, Romeu; Marques, P.A.A.P.artículo
openAccessbreakdown_andres_scientic_2014.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2014Breakdown into nanoscale of graphene oxide: confined hot spot atomic reduction and fragmentationGonçalves, Gil; Vila, Mercedes; Bdikin, Igor; Andrés, Alicia de ; Emami, Nazanin; Ferreira, Rute A. S.; Carlos, Luis D.; Grácio, José; Marques, Paula A. A. P.artículo
embargoedAccessKierkowicz_Carbon_2018_postprint.pdf.jpgNov-2018Comparative study of shortening and cutting strategies of single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes assessed by scanning electron microscopyKierkowicz, Magdalena; Pach, Elzbieta; Santidrián, Ana; Sandoval, Stefania ; Gonçalves, Gil; Tobías Rossell, Ester; Kalbáč, Martin; Ballesteros, Belén ; Tobias, Gerard artículo
openAccessBorras_ChemEurJ_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2018Preparation and Characterization of Graphene Oxide Aerogels: Exploring the Limits of Supercritical CO2 Fabrication MethodsBorrás, Alejandro ; Gonçalves, Gil; Marbán, Gregorio; Sandoval, Stefania ; Pinto, Susana; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Fraile, Julio ; Tobias, Gerard ; López Periago, Ana M.  ; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepciónartículo
openAccessSantos_Nanoscale_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2018Selective two-photon absorption in carbon dots: a piece of the photoluminescence emission puzzleSantos, Carla, I. M.; Mariz, Inês F. A.; Pinto, Sandra N.; Gonçalves, Gil; Bdikin, Igor; Marques, Paula A.A.P.; Neves, Maria Graça P.M.S.; Martinho, José M. G.; Maçôas, Ermelinda M. S.artículo