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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Above and below ground functional biology and management of beech forests: Insights from a study in SpainClosa, Iván; Goicoechea, NievesArtículo
1-Mar-2014Changes in alfalfa forage quality and stem carbohydrates induced by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and elevated atmospheric CO2Baslam, Marouane; Antolín Tomás, Carmen; Gogorcena Aoiz, Yolanda; Muñoz, Fernando; Goicoechea, NievesArtículo
24-May-2014Growth, photosynthetic acclimation and yield quality in legumes under climate change simulations: An updated survey (Article in press)Irigoyen, Juan José; Goicoechea, Nieves; Antolín Tomás, Carmen; Pascual Elizalde, Inmaculada; Sánchez-Díaz, Manuel; Aguirreolea, Jone; Morales Iribas, FermínArtículo
2011Improvement of nutritional quality of greenhouse-grown lettuce by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi is conditioned by the source of phosphorus nutritionBaslam, M.; Pascual, I.; Sánchez-Díaz, Manuel; Erro, J.; García Mina, José María; Goicoechea, NievesArtículo
Mar-2014Methodological advances: Using greenhouses to simulate climate change scenarios (Article in press)Morales Iribas, Fermín; Pascual Elizalde, Inmaculada; Sánchez-Díaz, Manuel; Aguirreolea, Jone; Irigoyen, Juan José; Goicoechea, Nieves; Antolín, M. C.; Oyarzun, M.; Urdiain, A.Artículo
2010Microclimatic conditions determined by stem density influence leaf anatomy and leaf physiology of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) growing within stands that naturally regenerate from clear-cuttingClosa, Iván; Irigoyen, Juan José; Goicoechea, NievesArtículo
Feb-2013Nutritional quality of outer and inner leaves of green and red pigmented lettuces (Lactuca sativa L.) consumed as saladsBaslam, Marouane; Morales Iribas, Fermín; Garmendia, Idoia; Goicoechea, NievesArtículo
2010Seasonal dynamics of the physicochemical and biological properties of soils in naturally regenerating, unmanaged and clear-cut beech stands in northern SpainClosa, Iván; Goicoechea, NievesArtículo
2012Water deficit improved the capacity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) for inducing the accumulation of antioxidant compounds in lettuce leavesBaslam, M.; Goicoechea, NievesArtículo

Showing results 1 to 9 of 9