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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess14-Aug-2014Biotic resistance and plant phenology: insights from coexistence theory and field experimentsLevine, J. M.; Godoy, Óscar
closedAccessMay-2014Community assembly, coexistence and the environmental filtering metaphorKraft, Nathan J. B.; Adler, Peter B.; Godoy, Óscar; Levine, J. M.
closedAccess15-Mar-2014Coupling coexistence theory to field experiments: new advancements for community and invasion ecologyGodoy, Óscar
openAccessNov-2009Different flowering phenology of alien invasive species in Spain: Evidence for the use of an empty temporal niche?Godoy, Óscar; Castro Díez, P.; Valladares Ros, Fernando; Costa, Margarita
openAccess2009Flowering phenology of invasive alien plant species compared with native species in three Mediterranean-type ecosystemsGodoy, Óscar; Richardson, David M.; Valladares Ros, Fernando; Castro-Díez, Pilar
openAccess2011Forests are not immune to plant invasions: phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation allow Prunella vulgaris to colonize a temperate evergreen rainforestGodoy, Óscar; Saldaña, Alfredo; Fuentes, Nicol; Valladares Ros, Fernando; Gianoli, Ernesto
openAccess27-Aug-2010Invasiones biológicasAlcalde, José Luis; Alonso, Álvaro; Andreu, Jara; Aragonés, David; Ayensa, Garbiñe; Ballesteros, Enric; Bartomeus, Ignasi; Binimelis, Rosa; Bustamante, Javier; Campos, Juan Antonio, et al
openAccess2011Invasive species can handle higher leaf temperature under water stress than Mediterranean nativesGodoy, Óscar; Pires de Lemos-Filho, J.; Valladares Ros, Fernando
openAccessMar-2010Leaf litter traits of invasive species slow down decomposition compared to Spanish natives: a broad phylogenetic comparisonGodoy, Óscar; Castro Díez, P.; Logtestijn, Richard S. P. Van; Cornelissen, Johannes H.C.; Valladares Ros, Fernando
openAccessDec-2011Multispecies comparison reveals that invasive and native plants differ in their traits but not in their plasticityGodoy, Óscar; Valladares Ros, Fernando; Castro-Díez, Pilar
closedAccessJan-2015Plant functional traits and the multidimensional nature of species coexistenceKraft, Nathan J. B.; Godoy, Óscar; Levine, J. M.
closedAccess2011Predicting invasiveness of Australian acacias on the basis of their native climatic affinities, life history traits and human useCastro-Díez, Pilar; Godoy, Óscar; Saldaña, Asunción; Richardson, david M.
openAccess2008The leaf economic spectrum drives litter decomposition within regional floras worldwideCornwell, William K.; Godoy, Óscar; Westoby, Mark
openAccessSep-2012The relative importance for plant invasiveness of trait means, and their plasticity and integration in a multivariate frameworkGodoy, Óscar; Valladares Ros, Fernando; Castro-Díez, Pilar
openAccessJan-2014What explains variation in the impacts of exotic plant invasions on the nitrogen cycle? A meta-analysisCastro Díez, P.; Godoy, Óscar; Alonso, Álvaro; Gallardo Correa, A.; Saldaña, A.