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2011A preliminary genetic analysis of a recently rediscovered population of the Twaite shad (Alosa fallax) in the Ebro river, Spain (Western Mediterranean)Andree, Karl B.; Lopéz, Miguel Ángel; Alexandrino, Paulo; Faria, Rui; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
Feb-2013Assessment of the effects of confinement in the spider crab Maja brachydactyla Blass, 1922 broodstockRotllant, Guiomar; Roque, Ana; Solé, Montserrat; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
2012Commercial products for Artemia enrichment affect growth performance, digestive system maturation, ossification and incidence of skeletal deformities in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis) larvaeBoglino, Anaïs; Darias, M. J.; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Özcan, Filiz; Estévez, Alicia; Andree, Karl B.; Hontoria, Francisco; Sarasquete, Carmen; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
Apr-2011Commercial products for Artemia nauplii enrichment are not equivalent for lipid accumulation, growth and development in Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis) larvaeBoglino, Anaïs; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Darias, M. J.; Özcan, Filiz; Estévez, Alicia; Gisbert, EnricComunicación de congreso
Nov-2011Descripción histomorfológica del tejido esquelético de juveniles de dorada, Sparus aurata, con malformaciones vertebrales y opercularesOrtiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Fernández, Ignacio; Gisbert, Enric; Sarasquete, CarmenPóster
8-Jul-2009Effect of dietary vitamin A on Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis) skeletogenesis and larval qualityFernández, Ignacio; Pimentel, Marta S.; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Hontoria, Francisco; Sarasquete, Carmen; Estévez, Alicia; Zambonino-Infante, José Luis; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
Apr-2014Effects of different diets on the digestive physiology of adult Norway lobster nephrops norvegicusRotllant, Guiomar; Mente, Eleni; Gisbert, Enric; Karapanagiotidis, T.Artículo
2001Glyconjugates in epidermal, branchial and digestive mucous cells and gastric glands of gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata, Senegal sole, Solea senegalensis and Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baeri developmentSarasquete, Carmen; Gisbert, Enric; Ribeiro, Laura; Vieira, L.; Dinis, M. T.Artículo
May-2012Isolipidic diets differing in their essential fatty acid profiles affect the deposition of unsaturated neutral lipids in the intestine, liver and vascular system of Senegalese sole larvae and early juvenilesBoglino, Anaïs; Gisbert, Enric; Darias, M. J.; Estévez, Alicia; Andree, Karl B.; Sarasquete, Carmen; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.Artículo
1-Jun-2008Larval performance and skeletal deformities in farmed gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) fed with graded levels of Vitamin A enriched rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis)Fernández, Ignacio; Hontoria, Francisco; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Kotzamanis, Yannis; Estévez, Alicia; Zambonino-Infante, José Luis; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
Feb-2012Molecular regulation of both dietary vitamin A and fatty acid absorption and metabolism associated with larval morphogenesis of Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis)Darias, M. J.; Boglino, Anaïs; Manchado, Manuel; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Estévez, Alicia; Andree, Karl B.; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
2013Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Dietary-Induced Pseudo-Albinism during Post-Embryonic Development of Solea senegalensis (Kaup, 1858)Darias, María J.; Andree, Karl B.; Boglino, Anaïs; Rotllant, Josep; Cerdá-Reverter, José Miguel; Estévez, Alicia; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
18-Jun-2014Normal and histopathological organization of the opercular bone and vertebrae in gilthead sea bream sparus aurataOrtiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Fernández, Ignacio; Sarasquete, Carmen; Gisbert, EnricArtículo
2008Nutritional cellular biomarkers in early life stages of fishGisbert, Enric; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Sarasquete, CarmenArtículo
12-May-2004Recovery of Siberian sturgeon yearlings after an acute exposure to environmental nitrite: changes in the plasmatic ionic balance, Na+–K+ ATPase activity, and gill histologyGisbert, Enric; Rodríguez, Antonio; Cardona, Laura; Huertas, M.; Gallardo, M. A.; Sarasquete, Carmen; Sala-Rabanal, M.; Ibarz, A.; Sánchez, J.; Castelló-Orvay, F.Artículo
Jun-2012Vitamin A effects on vertebral bone tissue homeostasis in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) juvenilesFernández, Ignacio; Ortiz-Delgado, Juan B.; Sarasquete, Carmen; Gisbert, EnricArtículo

Showing results 1 to 16 of 16