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Aug-2006Influence of solvent and weak C−H···O contacts in the self-assembled [Pt2M4{CC(3-OMe)C6H4}8] (M = Cu, Ag) clusters and their role in the luminescence behaviorGil, Belén; Forniés, Juan; Gómez, Julio; Lalinde, Elena; Martín, Antonio; Moreno, M. TeresaArtículo
Jan-2006Novel luminescent mixed-metal Pt---------Tl-alkynyl-based complexes: The role of the alkynyl substituent in metallophilic and 2(Tl)-bonding interactionsBerenguer, Jesús R.; Forniés, Juan; Gil, Belén; Lalinde, ElenaArtículo
2010Rhomboidal Heterometallic Alkynyl Based Pt2Cd2 Clusters: Structural, Photophysical, and Theoretical StudiesBerenguer, Jesús R.; Fernández, Julio F.; Gil, Belén; Lalinde, Elena; Sánchez, SergioArtículo
21-Mar-2006Synthesis, structures, and luminescence behavior of mixed metal alkynyl platinumcadmium complexesFernández, Julio F.; Forniés, Juan; Gil, Belén; Gómez, Julio; Lalinde, Elena; Moreno, M. TeresaArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4