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closedAccessJun-2005A comparative study on recurrent blooms of Alexandrium minutum in two Mediterranean coastal areasVila, Magda; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Masó, Mercedes; Gangemi, Ester; Penna, Antonella; Sampedro, Nagore; Azzaro, Filippo; Camp, Jordi; Galluzzi, LucaArtículo
openAccessPhylogeographical_study_toxic.pdf.jpg2010A phylogeographical study of the toxic benthic dinoflagellate genus Ostreopsis SchmidtPenna, Antonella; Fraga, Santiago; Battocchi, Cecilia; Casabianca, Silvia; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Riobó, Pilar ; Vernesi, CristianoArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2005Alexandrium catenella (Dinophyceae), a toxic ribotype expanding in the NW Mediterranean SeaPenna, Antonella; Garcés, Esther; Vila, Magda; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Fraga, Santiago; Lugliè, Antonella; Bravo, Isabel; Bertozzini, Elena; Vernesi, CristianoArtículo
closedAccessFeb-2005Characterization of Ostreopsis and Coolia (dinophyceae) isolates in the Western Mediterranean Sea based on morphology, toxicity and internal transcribed spacer 5.8s rDNA sequencesPenna, Antonella; Vila, Magda; Fraga, Santiago; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Andreoni, Francesca; Riobó, Pilar ; Vernesi, CristianoArtículo
closedAccessFeb-2010Detection of microalgal resting cysts in European coastal sediments using a PCR-based assayPenna, Antonella; Battocchi, Cecilia; Garcés, Esther; Anglès, Silvia ; Cucchiari, Emellina; Totti, Cecilia; Kremp, Anke; Satta, Cecilia Teodora; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Bravo, Isabel; Bastianini, MauroArtículo
closedAccessNov-2005Development of a qualitative PCR method for the Alexandrium spp. (Dinophyceae) detection in contaminated mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis)Galluzzi, Luca; Penna, Antonella; Bertozzini, Elena; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Vila, Magda; Garcés, Esther; Prioli, Silvia; Magnani, MauroArtículo
closedAccess2010Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages as repertoire of species diversity: Main results of the EU-SEED Project related to Mediterranean sitesGarcés, Esther; Satta, Cecilia Teodora; Anglès, Silvia ; Lugliè, Antonella; Rubino, F.; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Penna, AntonellaComunicación de congreso
closedAccess2006Monitoring of Alexandrium species in the Mediterranean Sea using a combined filter system-PCR assay detection methodPenna, Antonella; Fusco, G.; Bertozzini, Elena; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Vila, Magda; Galluzzi, Luca; Garcés, Esther; Lugliè, Antonella; Masó, Mercedes; Magnani, MauroArtículo
closedAccessJan-2007Monitoring of HAB species in the Mediterranean Sea through molecular methodsPenna, Antonella; Bertozzini, Elena; Battocchi, Cecilia; Galluzzi, Luca; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Vila, Magda; Garcés, Esther; Lugliè, Antonella; Magnant, MauroArtículo
closedAccessApr-2007Recurrent high-biomass blooms of Alexandrium taylorii (Dinophyceae), a HAB species expanding in the MediterraneanGiacobbe, Maria Grazia; Penna, Antonella; Gangemi, Ester; Masó, Mercedes; Garcés, EstherArtículo
openAccessm301p067.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2005Taxon-specific analysis of growth and mortality rates of harmful dinoflagellates during bloom conditionsGarcés, Esther; Vila, Magda; Masó, Mercedes; Sampedro, Nagore; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Penna, AntonellaArtículo
closedAccess2008The genus Ostreopsis in recreational waters of the Catalan Coast and Balearic Islands (NW Mediterranean Sea): is this the origin of human respiratory difficulties?Vila, Magda; Masó, Mercedes; Sampedro, Nagore; Illoul, H.; Arin, Laura; Garcés, Esther; Giacobbe, Maria Grazia; Alvarez, J.; Camp, JordiComunicación de congreso