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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Dec-1999The determination of the age and growth of SE Asian mangrove seedlings from internodal countsDuarte, Carlos M.; Thampanya, Udomluck; Terrados, Jorge; Geertz-Hansen, Ole; Fortes, Miguel D.Artículo
2011Ecosystem metabolism in a temporary Mediterranean marsh (Doñana National Park, SW Spain)Geertz-Hansen, Ole; Montes, C.; Duarte, Carlos M.; Sand-Jensen, K.; Marbà, Núria; Grillas, P.Artículo
1994Microbial heterotrophs within Codium bursa - A naturally isolated microbial food webVaqué, Dolors; Agustí, Susana; Duarte, Carlos M.; Enríquez, Susana; Geertz-Hansen, OleArtículo
17-Dec-1998Relationship between sediment conditions and mangrove Rhizophora apiculata seedling growth and nutrient statusDuarte, Carlos M.; Geertz-Hansen, Ole; Thampanya, Udomluck; Terrados, Jorge; Fortes, Miguel D.; Kamp-Nielsen, Lars; Borum, Jens; Boromthanarath, SomsakArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4