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openAccessMCF-2016-Sonderegger.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2016A Penicillium chrysogenum-based expression system for the production of small, cysteine-rich antifungal proteins for structural and functional analysesSonderegger, Christoph; Galgoczy, Laszlo; Garrigues, Sandra; Fizil, Adam; Borics, Attila; Manzanares, Paloma ; Hegedues, Nikoletta; Huber, Anna; Marcos López, José Francisco  ; Batta, Gyula; Marx, Florentineartículo
openAccessGandia-FGB2019.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2018Differential roles, crosstalk and response to the Antifungal Protein AfpB in the three Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPK) pathways of the citrus postharvest pathogen Penicillium digitatumGandía Gómez, Mónica ; Garrigues, Sandra; Hernanz-Koers, M.; Manzanares, Paloma ; Marcos López, José Francisco  artículo
openAccessSR-2017-Garrigues.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2017Efficient production and characterization of the novel and highly active antifungal protein AfpB from Penicillium digitatumGarrigues, Sandra; Gandía Gómez, Mónica ; Popa, Crina; Borics, A.; Marx, Florentine; Coca, María ; Marcos López, José Francisco  ; Manzanares, Paloma artículo
openAccessantifungal_proteins.pdf.jpgJun-2019Efficient production of antifungal proteins in plants using a new transient expression vector derived from tobacco mosaic virusShi, Xiaoqing; Cordero, Teresa; Garrigues, Sandra; Marcos López, José Francisco  ; Daròs Arnau, José Antonio ; Coca, María artículo
openAccessHernanzKoers2018_FGB.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2018FungalBraid: A GoldenBraid-based modular cloning platform for the assembly and exchange of DNA elements tailored to fungal synthetic biologyHernanz-Koers, Miguel; Gandía Gómez, Mónica ; Garrigues, Sandra; Manzanares, Paloma ; Yenush, Linne; Orzaez, Diego; Marcos López, José Francisco  artículo
openAccessImproving_Manzanares_Art2019.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2019Improving health-promoting effects of food-derived bioactive peptides through rational design and oral delivery strategiesManzanares, Paloma ; Gandía Gómez, Mónica ; Garrigues, Sandra; Marcos, Jose F.artículo
openAccessfmicb-08-00592.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2017Mapping and Identification of Antifungal Peptides in the Putative Antifungal Protein AfpB from the Filamentous Fungus Penicillium digitatumGarrigues, Sandra; Gandía Gómez, Mónica ; Borics, Attila; Marx, Florentine; Manzanares, Paloma ; Marcos López, José Francisco  artículo
openAccessmicroorganisms-06-00106.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2018Rational design and biotechnological production of novel AfpB-PAF26 chimeric antifungal proteinsHeredero, Marcos; Garrigues, Sandra; Gandía Gómez, Mónica ; Marcos López, José Francisco  ; Manzanares, Paloma artículo
openAccessfmicb-10-02400.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2019The Myosin Motor Domain-Containing Chitin Synthases Are Involved in Cell Wall Integrity and Sensitivity to Antifungal Proteins in Penicillium digitatumGandía, Mónica; Garrigues, Sandra; Bolós, Begoña; Manzanares, Paloma ; Marcos López, José Francisco  artículo
openAccessfmicb-09-02370.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2018Three Antifungal Proteins From Penicillium expansum: Different Patterns of Production and Antifungal ActivityGarrigues, Sandra; Gandía Gómez, Mónica ; Castillo, Laia; Coca, María ; Marx, Florentine; Marcos López, José Francisco  ; Manzanares, Paloma artículo
openAccessijms-19-01491-v2.pdf.jpg16-May-2018Tryptophan-Containing Dual Neuroprotective Peptides: Prolyl Endopeptidase Inhibition and Caenorhabditis elegans Protection from β-Amyloid Peptide ToxicityManzanares, Paloma ; Martínez, Roberto; Garrigues, Sandra; Genovés, Salvador; Ramón, Daniel ; Marcos, Jose F.; Martorell, Patriciaartículo