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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2002An extracellular sulfhydryl group modulates background Na+ conductance and cytosolic Ca2+ in pituitary cellsFonteriz, Rosalba I.; Villalobos, Carlos; García-Sancho, Javier
closedAccess2004Anterior pituitary thyrotropes are multifunctional cellsVillalobos, Carlos; Núñez, Lucía; García-Sancho, Javier
openAccess2009Bioluminescence imaging of calcium oscillations inside intracellular organellesVillalobos, Carlos; Alonso, María Teresa; García-Sancho, Javier
closedAccess15-Apr-2007Bioluminescence imaging of mitochondrial Ca2+ dynamics in soma and neurites of individual adult mouse sympathetic neuronsNúñez, Lucía; Senovilla, Laura; Sanz-Blasco, Sara; Chamero, Pablo; Alonso, María Teresa; Villalobos, Carlos; García-Sancho, Javier
closedAccess2005Bioluminescence imaging of nuclear calcium oscillations in intact pancreatic islets of Langerhans from the mouseVillalobos, Carlos; Núñez, Lucía; Chamero, Pablo; Alonso, María Teresa; García-Sancho, Javier
openAccessMar-2011Calcium entry-calcium refilling (CECR) coupling between store-operated Ca2+ entry and sarco/endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPaseManjarrés, Isabel M.; Alonso, María Teresa; García-Sancho, Javier
openAccess2011Calcium homoeostasis modulator 1 (CALHM1) reduces the calcium content of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and triggers ER stressGallego‑Sandín, Sonia; Alonso, María Teresa; García-Sancho, Javier
closedAccess2003Calcium influx through receptor-operated channel induces mitochondria-triggered paraptotic cell deathJambrina, Enrique; Alonso, Roberto; Alcalde, Marta; Rodríguez, María del Carmen; Serrano, Antonio; Martínez-A, Carlos; García-Sancho, Javier; Izquierdo, Manuel
closedAccess2006Calcium microdomains in mitochondria and nucleusAlonso, María Teresa; Villalobos, Carlos; Chamero, Pablo; Álvarez, Javier; García-Sancho, Javier
closedAccess2007Cardiac repair by stem cellsSánchez, Ana; García-Sancho, Javier
closedAccess2012Cell and tissue therapy in regenerative medicineSánchez, Ana; Schimmang, Thomas; García-Sancho, Javier; Instituto de Salud Carlos III (España); Junta de Castilla y León
closedAccess15-Feb-2006Cell proliferation depends on mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake: inhibition by salicylateNúñez, Lucía; Valero, Ruth A.; Senovilla, Laura; Sanz-Blasco, Sara; García-Sancho, Javier; Villalobos, Carlos
openAccess2011Cell- and gene-therapy approaches to inner ear repairConde de Felipe, Magnolia; Feijoo-Redondo, Ana; García-Sancho, Javier; Schimmang, Thomas; Durán, Mercedes
openAccess2005Changes in expression of hypothalamic releasing hormone receptors in individual rat anterior pituitary cells during maturation, puberty and senescenceSenovilla, Laura; García-Sancho, Javier; Villalobos, Carlos
closedAccess2001Control of secretion by mitochondria depends on the size of the local [Ca2+] after chromaffin cell stimulationMontero, Mayte; Alonso, María Teresa; García, Antonio G.; García-Sancho, Javier; Álvarez, Javier
closedAccess2012Cytosolic organelles shape calcium signals and exo-endocytotic responses of chromaffin cellsGarcía, Antonio G.; Padín, Fernando; Fernández-Morales, José C.; Maroto, Marcos; García-Sancho, Javier; Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (España); Instituto de Salud Carlos III (España); Comunidad de Madrid; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España); Instituto Fundación Teófilo Hernando, et al
closedAccess1997Cytosolic phospholipase A2 is coupled to muscarinic receptors in the human astrocytoma cell line 1321N1: Characterization of the transducing mechanismBayón, Yolanda; Hernández, Marita; Alonso, Andrés; Núñez, Lucía; García-Sancho, Javier; Sánchez Crespo, Mariano; Nieto, María Luisa
openAccess2002Dampening of cytosolic Ca2+ oscillations on propagation to nucleusChamero, Pablo; Villalobos, Carlos; Alonso, María Teresa; García-Sancho, Javier
closedAccess2015Differential calcium handling by the cis and trans regions of the Golgi apparatusAulestia, Francisco J.; Alonso, María Teresa; García-Sancho, Javier; Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (España); Instituto de Salud Carlos III (España)
closedAccess2001Direct actions of adrenergic agents on rat anterior pituitary cellsAlarcón, Pilar; Núñez, Lucía; García-Sancho, Javier