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openAccess0304285v2.pdf.jpg16-Sep-2003Chern-Simons production during preheating in hybrid inflation modelsGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; García Pérez, Margarita ; González-Arroyo, Antonio Pre-print
openAccess0802.1523v2.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2008Confronting Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi models with Observational CosmologyGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; Haugboelle, Troels Pre-print
openAccess0707.0839v2.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2007A Gravitational Wave Background from Reheating after Hybrid InflationGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; García Figueroa, Daniel ; Sastre, Alfonso Pre-print
openAccess0908.0425v2.pdf.jpg7-Oct-2009Gravitational waves from self-ordering scalar fieldsFenu, Elisa; García Figueroa, Daniel ; Durrer, Ruth; García-Bellido, Juan Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1993Jordan-Brans-Dicke quantum wormholes and Coleman's mechanismGaray, Luis Javier ; García-Bellido, Juan Artículo
openAccess0807.1326v1.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2008Looking the void in the eyes - the kSZ effect in LTB modelsGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; Haugboelle, Troels Pre-print
openAccessMeasuring baryon.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2009Measuring baryon acoustic oscillations along the line of sight with photometric redshifts: the PAU surveyBenítez, Narciso ; Gaztañaga, Enrique ; Castander, Francisco J. ; Moles, Mariano ; Crocce, Martín ; Fernández-Soto, Alberto  ; Fosalba, Pablo ; Cristóbal-Hornillos, David ; Fernández, Enrique; Fernández Sopuerta, Carlos ; García-Bellido, Juan ; Lobo, J. Alberto ; Sánchez, Sebastián F. ; Varela, Jesús ; Vicente, Juan F. deArtículo
openAccess0801.4109v1.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2008A new gravitational wave background from the Big BangGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; García Figueroa, Daniel Comunicación de congreso
openAccesse063531.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2009Preheating in the Standard Model with the Higgs-Inflaton coupled to gravityGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; García Figueroa, Daniel ; Rubio-Peña, Javier Artículo
openAccess0805.4159v1.pdf.jpg27-May-2008Primordial magnetic fields from preheating at the electroweak scaleDíaz-Gil, Andrés ; García-Bellido, Juan ; García Pérez, Margarita ; González-Arroyo, Antonio Pre-print
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014PRISM (Polarized Radiation Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission): an extended white paperAndré, Philippe; Barreiro, R. Belén  ; Casas-Reinares, F. J.  ; Diego, José María  ; Fosalba, Pablo ; García-Bellido, Juan ; González-Nuevo, J. ; Herranz, D.  ; López-Caniego, M. ; Martínez-González, Enrique  ; Toffolatti, L. ; Vielva, P.  Artículo
openAccess0810.4939v1.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2009The radial BAO scale and Cosmic Shear, a new observable for Inhomogeneous CosmologiesGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; Haugboelle, Troels Artículo
openAccess0701014v1.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2006A stochastic background of gravitational waves from hybrid preheatingGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; García Figueroa, Daniel Pre-print
openAccess0208228v3.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2003Symmetry Breaking and False Vacuum Decay after Hybrid InflationGarcía-Bellido, Juan ; García Pérez, Margarita ; González-Arroyo, Antonio Pre-print
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Tension in the void: Cosmic rulers strain inhomogeneous cosmologiesZumalacárregui, Miguel; García-Bellido, Juan ; Ruiz-Lapuente, Pilar Pre-print
openAccess1006.3226.pdf.jpgFeb-2011Tracing the sound horizon scale with photometric redshift surveysSánchez, Eusebio; Carnero, Aurelio; García-Bellido, Juan ; Gaztañaga, Enrique ; Simoni, Fernando de; Crocce, Martín ; Cabré, Anna; Fosalba, Pablo ; Alonso-Monge, David Artículo