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6-Mar-2007Purification and characterization of a 45-kDa concealed antigen from the midgut membranes of Ornithodoros erraticus that induces lethal anti-tick immune responses in pigsManzano Román, Raúl; García Varas, Susana; Encinas Grandes, Antonio; Pérez Sánchez, RicardoArtículo
2010Purification and characterization of a P-selectin-binding molecule from thesalivary glands of Ornithodoros moubata that induces protective anti-tick immune responses in pigs.García Varas, Susana; Manzano Román, Raúl; Fernández Soto, Pedro; Encinas Grandes, Antonio; Oleaga, Ana; Pérez Sánchez, RicardoArtículo
31-Mar-2004Vacuna anti-Ornithodoros moubataGarcía Varas, SusanaTesis

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3