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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2013A Novel Method to Handle the Effect of Uneven Sampling Effort in Biodiversity DatabasesPardo Guereño, Iker; Pata, M.P.; Gómez García, Daniel; García González, María Begoña
openAccess13-Jan-2015Adopta una plantaGarcía González, María Begoña; Pardo Guereño, Iker; Tejero, Pablo; Pata, M.P.; Bravo Domínguez, Pedro; Errea, M. P.; García-González, Ricardo; Gómez García, Daniel
openAccessJun-2012Algunos secretos de las plantas amenazadas del PirineoGarcía González, María Begoña
openAccess30-Jun-2014Algunos secretos de las plantas raras y amenazadas del Pirineo centralGarcía González, María Begoña
openAccess2013Alpine Ecology in the Iberian Peninsula: What Do We Know, and What Do We Need to Learn?Barrio, Isabel C.; Palacio, Sara; García González, María Begoña; Gartzia, Maite; Alados, Concepción L.; Fillat, Federico
closedAccessJun-2007An extraordinary life span estimate for the clown anemonefish Amphiprion perculaBuston, Peter M.; García González, María Begoña
closedAccess2015Beyond species loss: The extinction of ecological interactions in a changing worldValiente-Banuet, Alfonso; Aizen, Marcelo; Alcántara, Julio M.; Arroyo, Juan; Cocucci, Andrea; Galetti, Mauro; García González, María Begoña; García, Daniel; Gómez José M.; Jordano, Pedro, et al
closedAccess2014Contrasting effects of different landscape characteristics on population growth of a perennial forest herbValdes, Alicia; García, Daniel; García González, María Begoña; Ehrlen, Johan
openAccess1994Datos para la conservación de plantas endémicas: reproducción y estructura poblacional de "Vicia argentea" Lapeyr. (Fabaceae)Antor, Ramón J.; García González, María Begoña
openAccessAug-2012Demographic effects of large, introduced herbivores on a long-lived endemic plantPisanu, Stefanía; Farris, Emmanuele; Filigheddu, Rossella; García González, María Begoña
openAccess1-Jun-2015Demographic vulnerability in cliff-dwelling sonchus species endemic to the western mediterraneanSilva, J.L.; Mejías, J.A.; García González, María Begoña
openAccess2014Divergence between phenotypic and genetic variation within populations of a common herb across EuropeVillellas, Jesús; Berjano, Enrique Regina; Terrab, Anass; García González, María Begoña
openAccess8-Dec-2013Diversity of ageing across the tree of lifeJones, Owen R.; García González, María Begoña
embargoedAccess1-Jun-2015Do geographic, climatic or historical ranges differentiate the performance of central versus peripheral populations?Pironon, S.; Villellas, Jesús; Morris, W.F.; Doak, D. F.; García González, María Begoña
openAccessApr-2011Dynamics of isolated Saponaria bellidifolia Sm. populations at northern range peripheryCsergő, Anna-Mária; Molnár, Edit; García González, María Begoña
closedAccessJul-2005Effects of microsite disturbances and herbivory on seedling performance in the perennial herb Helleborus foetidus (Ranunculaceae)Manzaneda, Antonio J.; Sperens, Ulf; García González, María Begoña
openAccess12-Sep-2012Extreme Reproduction and Survival of a True Cliffhanger: The Endangered Plant Borderea chouardii (Dioscoreaceae)García González, María Begoña; Espadaler, X.; Olesen, Jens M.
openAccess30-Dec-2007Flora del Pirineo aragonés. Patrones espaciales de biodiversidad y su relevancia para la conservaciónGarcía González, María Begoña; Gómez García, Daniel
openAccessJan-2002Floral integration, phenotypic covariance structure and pollinator variation in bumblebee-pollinated Helleborus foetidusHerrera, Carlos M.; Cerdá, Xim; García González, María Begoña; Guitián, J.; Medrano, Mónica; Rey, Pedro J.; Sánchez-Lafuente, A.M.
closedAccessJun-2006Habitat Change and Demography of Primula veris: Identification of Management TargetsLehtilä, Kari; García González, María Begoña; Ehrlén, Johan