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Apr-2007Climate forcing and Neanderthal extinction in Southern Iberia: insights from a multiproxy marine record.Jimenez Espejo, Francisco J.; Martínez-Ruiz, Francisca; Finlayson, Clive; Paytan, Adina; Sakamoto, Tatsuhiko; Ortega-Huertas, M.; Finlayson, Geraldine; Lijima, Koichi; Gallego-Torres, David; Fa, Darren A.Artículo
6-Apr-2007Paleoenvironmental changes in the western Mediterranean since the last glacial maximum: High resolution multiproxy record from the Algero-Balearic basin.Jimenez Espejo, Francisco J.; Martínez-Ruiz, Francisca; Sakamoto, Tatsuhiko; Lijima, Koichi; Gallego-Torres, David; Harada, NaomiArtículo
6-Apr-2007Pliocene–Holocene evolution of depositional conditions in the eastern Mediterranean: Role of anoxia vs. productivity at time of sapropel depositionGallego-Torres, David; Martínez-Ruiz, Francisca; Paytan, Adina; Jimenez Espejo, Francisco J.; Ortega-Huertas, M.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3