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openAccessacp-15-9271-2015.pdf.jpg2015A method for merging nadir-sounding climate records, with an application to the global-mean stratospheric temperature data sets from SSU and AMSUMcLandress, C.; Shepherd, T.G.; Jonsson, A.I.; Von Clarmann, T.; Funke, Bernd artículo
openAccessIAA_2016_ACP_16-8667-2016_LópezPuertas.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2016A semi-empirical model for mesospheric and stratospheric NOy produced by energetic particle precipitationFunke, Bernd ; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Gabriele P.; Versick, Stefan; von Clarmann, Thomasartículo
openAccessamt-8-4171-2015.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of nitric oxide measurements in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere from ACE-FTS, MIPAS, SCIAMACHY, and SMRBender, S.; Sinnhuber, M.; Von Clarmann, T.; Stiller, G.; Funke, Bernd ; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Urban, J.; Pérot, K.; Walker, K.A.; Burrows, J.P.artículo
openAccessIAA_2017_acp-17-8063.pdf.jpg2017Effect of volcanic aerosol on stratospheric NO2 and N2O5 from 2002-2014 as measured by Odin-OSIRIS and Envisat-MIPASAdams, C.; Bourassa, A.E.; Mclinden, C.A.; Sioris, C.E.; Von Clarmann, T.; Funke, Bernd ; Rieger, L.A.; Degenstein, D.A.artículo
openAccessIAA_2016-GRL_43-7.pdf.jpg2016Energetic particle precipitation: A major driver of the ozone budget in the Antarctic upper stratosphereDamiani, A.; Funke, Bernd ; Santee, M.L.; Cordero, R.R.; Watanabe, S.artículo
openAccessacp_12_11857_2012.pdf.jpg2012Global CFC-11 (CCl3F) and CFC-12 (CCl2F2) measurements with the Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS): Retrieval, climatologies and trendsKellmann, S.; Von Clarmann, T.; Stiller, G.P.; Eckert, E.; Glatthor, N.; Höpfner, M.; Kiefer, M.; Orphal, J.; Funke, Bernd ; Grabowski, U.; Linden, A.; Dutton, G.S.; Elkins, J.W.artículo
openAccessIAA_2016_amt-9-6081.pdf.jpg2016Global distributions of CO2 volume mixing ratio in the middle and upper atmosphere from daytime MIPAS high-resolution spectraJurado Navarro, Ángel Aythami ; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Funke, Bernd ; García Comas, Maia ; Gardini, A.; González-Galindo, F. ; Stiller, G.P.; Von Clarmann, T.; Grabowski, U.; Linden, A.artículo
openAccessIAA_2017acp-17-3573-2017.pdf.jpg14-Mar-2017HEPPA-II model-measurement intercomparison project: EPP indirect effects during the dynamically perturbed NH winter 2008-2009Funke, Bernd ; Gardini, A.; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Yushkov, Vartículo
openAccessamt_5_831_2012.pdf.jpg2012How to average logarithmic retrievals?Funke, Bernd ; von Clarmann, T.artículo
openAccessIAA_52_2017.pdf.jpgJul-2017IAA : Información y actualidad astronómica (52) (2017)Aguilera Mochón, Juan Antonio; Bailén, Francisco Javier; Pérez Montero, Enrique  ; Funke, Bernd ; Masegosa, Josefa ; Hernández-García, Lorena ; Pereira Santaella, Miguel; López de Lacalle, Silbia ; Abril, Miguel ; Osorio, Mayra  revista
openAccessTellus_66_22550_2014.pdf.jpg2014Insights on nitrate sources at Dome C (East Antarctic Plateau) from multi-year aerosol and snow recordsTraversi, R.; Udisti, R.; Frosini, D.; Becagli, S.; Ciardini, V.; Funke, Bernd ; Lanconelli, C.; Petkov, B.; Scarchilli, C.; Severi, M.; Vitale, V.artículo
openAccessacp_13_2531_2013.pdf.jpg2013Lifetime and production rate of NOx in the upper stratosphere and lower mesosphere in the polar spring/summer after the solar proton event in October–November 2003Friederich, F.; Von Clarmann, T.; Funke, Bernd ; Nieder, H.; Orphal, J.; Sinnhuber, M.; Stiller, G.P.; Wissing, J.Martículo
openAccessacp_14_4055_2014.pdf.jpg2014Local impact of solar variation on NO2 in the lower mesosphere and upper stratosphere from 2007 to 2012Friederich, F.; Sinnhuber, M.; Funke, Bernd ; Von Clarmann, T.; Orphal, J.artículo
openAccessacp-16-6701-2016.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2016Measurements of global distributions of polar mesospheric clouds during 2005–2012 by MIPAS/EnvisatGarcía Comas, Maia ; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Funke, Bernd ; Jurado Navarro, Ángel Aythami ; Gardini, A.; Stiller, GP; von Clarmann, T; Hopfner, Martículo
openAccessIAA_2015-JGR_Atmospheres_Prather.pdf.jpg2015Measuring and modeling the lifetime of nitrous oxide including its variabilityPrather, M. J.; Hsu, J.; Deluca, N. M.; Jackman, C. H.; Oman, Luke D.; Douglass, A. R.; Fleming, E. L.; Strahan, S. E.; Steenrod, S. D.; Søvde, O. A.; Isaksen, I. S. A.; Froidevaux, L.; Funke, Bernd artículo
openAccessacp_14_1025_2014.pdf.jpg2014Middle atmospheric changes caused by the January and March 2012 solar proton eventsJackman, C.H.; Randall, C.E.; Harvey, V.L.; Wang, S.; Fleming, E.L.; López Puertas, Manuel; Funke, Bernd ; Bernath, P.F.artículo
openAccessIAA_2016_amt-9-3355.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2016MIPAS IMK/IAA CFC-11 (CCl3F) and CFC-12 (CCl2F2) measurements: accuracy, precision and long-term stabilityEckert, E.; Funke, Bernd ; Walker, K.A.artículo
openAccessIAA_2016_ACP_16_LópezPuertas.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2016MIPAS observations of longitudinal oscillations in the mesosphere and the lower thermosphere: climatology of odd-parity daily frequency modesGarcía Comas, Maia ; Gonzalez-Galindo, F.; Funke, Bernd ; Gardini, A.; Jurado Navarro, Ángel Aythami ; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Ward, William E.artículo
openAccessamt_7_3633_2014.pdf.jpg2014MIPAS temperature from the stratosphere to the lower thermosphere: Comparison of vM21 with ACE-FTS, MLS, OSIRIS, SABER, SOFIE and lidar measurementsGarcía Comas, Maia ; Funke, Bernd ; Gardini, A.; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Jurado Navarro, Ángel Aythami ; Von Clarmann, T.; Stiller, G.; Kiefer, M.; Boone, C. D.; Leblanc, T.; Marshall, B.T.; Schwartz, M.J.; Sheese, P.E.artículo
openAccessIAA_2016-JGR-Atmospheres_121-7.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2016On the secular trend of COx and CO2 in the lower thermosphereGarcia, Rolando R.; López-Puertas, Manuel ; Funke, Bernd ; Kinnison, Douglas E.; Marsh, Daniel R.; Qian, Liyingartículo