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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Oct-2002Biological Potential of a Functional Human SNAILRetrogeneLocascio, Annamaria; Vega, Sonia; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Manzanares, Miguel; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Jan-2010Review of the recently defined molecular mechanisms underlying thanatophoric dysplasia and their potential therapeutic implications for achondroplasiaMartínez-Frías, María Luisa; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Bermejo, Eva; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Nov-2006Snail activation disrupts tissue homeostasis and induces fibrosis in the adult kidneyBoutet, Agnès; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Maxwell, Patrick H.; Mayol, M. José; Romero, J.; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Jan-2007Snail genes at the crossroads of symmetric and asymmetric processes in the developing mesodermMorales, Aixa V.; Acloque, Hervé; Ocaña, Oscar H.; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Gold, Verónica; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
5-Feb-2009Snail1 controls bone mass by regulating Runx2 and VDR expression during osteoblast differentiationFrutos, Cristina A. de; Dacquin, Romain; Vega, Sonia; Jurdic, Pierre; Machuca-Gayet, Irma; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
4-Dec-2007Snail1 Is a Transcriptional Effector of FGFR3 Signaling during Chondrogenesis and AchondroplasiasFrutos, Cristina A. de; Vega, Sonia; Manzanares, Miguel; Flores, Juana María; Huertas, Héctor; Martínez-Frías, María Luisa; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
2010Snail1 suppresses TGF-β-induced apoptosis and is sufficient to trigger EMT in hepatocytesFranco, D. Lorena; Mainez, Jèssica; Vega, Sonia; Sancho, Patricia; Murillo, Miguel M.; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Castillo, Gaelle del; López-Blau, Cristina; Fabregat, Isabel; Nieto, M. ÁngelaArtículo
Jan-2011Thanatophoric dysplasia type II with encephalocele and semilobar holoprosencephaly: Insights into its pathogenesisMartínez-Frías, María Luisa; Egüés, X.; Puras, A.; Hualde, J.; Frutos, Cristina A. de; Bermejo, Eva; Nieto, M. Ángela; Martínez, SalvadorArtículo

Showing results 1 to 8 of 8