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openAccess1986A Trypanosoma cruzi monoclonal antibody that recognizes a superficial tubulin-like antigenAlcina, Antonio; Hargreaves, A. J.; Ávila, Jesús ; Fresno, Manuel artículo
openAccessCIRodríguez_JVirol_3936.pdf.jpg2002African swine fever virus IAP-like protein induces the activation of nuclear factor kappa BRodríguez, Clara I.; Nogal París, María Luisa ; Carrascosa, Ángel L.; Salas, María Luisa; Fresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda artículo
openAccess2325718_B1.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2010Agentes anti-tumorales basados en la proteína viral A238L.Fresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda ; Granja, Aitor G. patente
openAccessWO2009043960A1.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2009Anti-tumour agents based on viral protein A238LFresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda patente
openAccess359.pdf.jpgDec-2002The hepatitis B virus X protein promotes tumor cell invasion by inducing membrane-type matrix metalloproteinase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2 expressionLara-Pezzi, Enrique; Gómez Gaviro, María Victoria; Gálvez, Beatriz G.; Mira, Emilia; Iñiguez, Miguel Ángel ; Fresno, Manuel ; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Arroyo, Alicia G.; López Cabrera, Manuel artículo
openAccessMAIñiguez_BiochemJ_81.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2005Peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptor a agonists inhibit cyclo-oxygenase 2 and vascular endothelial growth factor transcriptional activation in human colorectal carcinoma cells via inhibition of activator protein-1Grau, Raquel; Punzón, Carmen ; Fresno, Manuel ; Íñiguez, Miguel Ángel artículo
openAccessAG.Granja_JVirol_10487.pdf.jpg2006Regulation of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression by Viral A238L-Mediated Inhibition of p65/RelA Acetylation and p300 TransactivationGranja, Aitor G. ; Sabina, Prado ; Salas, María Luisa; Fresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda artículo
openAccessJMRedondo_JExpMed_607.pdf.jpg5-Mar-2001Selective Inhibition of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor–mediated Angiogenesis by Cyclosporin A: Roles of the Nuclear Factor of Activated T Cells and Cyclooxygenase 2Hernández, Gabriela L.; Volpert, Olga V.; Íñiguez, Miguel Ángel ; Lorenzo, Elisa; Martínez Martínez, Sara; Grau, Raquel; Fresno, Manuel ; Redondo, Juan Miguel artículo
openAccessYRevilla_JImmunol_451.pdf.jpgJan-2006The Viral Protein A238L Inhibits TNF-α Expression through a CBP/p300 Transcriptional Coactivators PathwayGranja, Aitor G. ; Nogal París, María Luisa ; Hurtado, Carolina ; Aguila, Carmen del; Carrascosa, Ángel L.; Salas, María Luisa; Fresno, Manuel ; Revilla Novella, Yolanda artículo