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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2002A chloroplast protein binds a viroid RNA in vivo and facilitates its hammerhead-mediated self-cleavageDarós, José Antonio; Flores, Ricardo
openAccess2006Citrus exocortis viroid and Hop Stunt viroid Doubly infecting grapevines in BrazilEiras, Marcelo; Targon, Maria Luisa P.N; Fajardo, Thor V.M.; Flores, Ricardo; Kitajima, Elliot W.
openAccessApr-2011Citrus tristeza virus infection induces the accumulation of viral small RNAs (21- 24-nt) mapping preferentially at the 3’-terminal region of the genomic RNA and affects the host small RNA profileRuiz-Ruiz, Susana; Navarro, Beatriz; Gisel, Andreas; Pena, Leandro; Navarro, Luis; Moreno, Pedro; Di Serio, Francesco; Flores, Ricardo
openAccess21-Oct-2009Deep Sequencing of the Small RNAs Derived from Two Symptomatic Variants of a Chloroplastic Viroid: Implications for Their Genesis and for PathogenesisDi Serio, Francesco; Gisel, Andreas; Navarro, Beatriz; Delgado, Sonia; Martínez de Alba, Angel-Emilio; Donvito, Giacinto; Flores, Ricardo
openAccess16-Sep-2006Effects of the trinucleotide preceding the self-cleavage site on eggplant latent viroid hammerheads: differences in co- and post-transcriptional self-cleavage may explain the lack of trinucleotide AUC in most natural hammerheadsCarbonell, Alberto; De la Peña, Marcos; Flores, Ricardo; Gago, Selma
closedAccess6-Mar-2009Extremely high mutation rate of a hammerhead viroidGago, Selma; Elena, Santiago F.; Flores, Ricardo; Sanjuán, Rafael
openAccess26-Feb-1998In vitro and in vivo self-cleavage of a viroid RNA with a mutation in the hammerhead catalytic pocketAmbrós, Silvia; Flores, Ricardo
openAccess30-Nov-2007Processing of Nuclear Viroids In Vivo: An Interplay between RNA ConformationsGas, María-Eugenia; Hernández Fort, Carmen; Flores, Ricardo; Darós, José-Antonio
openAccessApr-2011Rolling-circle replication of viroids, viroid-like satellite RNAs and hepatitis delta virus: variations on a themeFlores, Ricardo; Grubb, Douglas; Elleuch, Amine; Nohales, María-Ángeles; Delgado, Sonia; Gago, Selma
openAccess30-Oct-2008Structure–function analysis of the ribozymes of chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid: a loop–loop interaction motif conserved in most natural hammerheadsDufour, David; De la Peña, Marcos; Gago, Selma; Flores, Ricardo; Gallego, José
openAccess2011Trans-cleaving hammerhead ribozymes with tertiary stabilizing motifs: in vitro and in vivo activity against a structured viroid RNACarbonell, Alberto; Flores, Ricardo; Gago, Selma
openAccess2011Viroids in OrnamentalsFlores, Ricardo
openAccess18-Nov-2014Viroids: Survivors from the RNA World?F. Elena, Santiago; Flores, Ricardo; Gago-Zachert, Selma; Serra, Pedro; Sanjuán, Rafael; F.Elena, Santiago
closedAccessFeb-2006Virus PatógenosCarrasco Llamas, Luis; Almendral, José M.; Alcamí, Antonio; Carrascosa, José L.; Carrascosa, Ángel L.; Enjuanes, Luis; Pajares, María A.; Gasset, María; Flores, Ricardo; Revilla, Yolanda, et al