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closedAccess2000A genetic approach to detect muscle protein interactions in vivoFerrús, Alberto; Acebes, A.; Marín, M.-C.; Hernández-Hernández, A.Artículo
openAccess2006Age-independent synaptogenesis by phosphoinositide 3 kinaseMartín-Peña, A.; Acebes, A.; Rodríguez, J.-R.; Sorribes, A.; De Polavieja, G.G.; Fernández-Fúnez, P.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess1990Alternative Shaker transcripts express either rapidly inactivating or noninactivating K+ channelsStocker, M.; Stühmer, W.; Wittka, R.; Wang, X.; Müller, R.; Ferrús, Alberto; Pongs, O.Artículo
closedAccess1989Antibodies against Drosophila potassium channels identify membrane proteins across speciesBarbas, Julio A.; Rubio, Nazario; Pedroso, E.; Pongs, O.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess2000Ariadne-1: A vital drosophila gene is required in development and defines a new conserved family of RING-finger proteinsAguilera, M.; Oliveros, M.; Martínez-Padrón, M.; Barbas, Julio A.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess2003Blocking sensory inputs to identified antennal glomeruli selectively modifies odorant perception in DrosophilaDevaud, J.-M.; Keane, J.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess2000Cellular and molecular features of axon collaterals and dendritesAcebes, A.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess2012Central adaptation to odorants depends on PI3K levels in local interneurons of the antennal lobeAcebes, A.; Devaud, J.-M.; Arnés, M.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess2007Chronic and acute alterations in the functional levels of Frequenins 1 and 2 reveal their roles in synaptic transmission and axon terminal morphologyRomero-Pozuelo, J.; Dason, J.S.; Atwood, H.L.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess1998Cloning, chromosome mapping and expression analysis of the HIRA gene from Drosophila melanogasterLlevadot, R.; Marqués, G.; Pritchard, M.; Estivill, X.; Ferrús, Alberto; Scambler, P.Artículo
openAccess3-Dec-2009Dispositivo para visualización de material biológico fluorescenteGrau, B.; Acebes-Vindel, José Ángel; Ferrús, AlbertoPatente
closedAccess1998Enhanced neurotransmitter release is associated with reduction of neuronal branching in a Drosophila mutant overexpressing frequeninAngaut-Petit, D.; Toth, P.; Rogero, O.; Faille, L.; Tejedor, F.J.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess2003Expression of enhancers is altered in Drosophila melanogaster hybridsHämmerle, B.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess1993Frequenin - A novel calcium-binding protein that modulates synaptic efficacy in the Drosophila nervous systemPongs, O.; Lindemeier, J.; Zhu, X.R.; Theil, T.; Engelkamp, D.; Krah-Jentgens, I.; Lambrecht, H.-G.; Koch, K.W.; Schwemer, J.; Rivosecchi, R.; Mallart, A.; Galceran, J.; Canal, I.; Barbas, Julio A.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess2009Frequenin/NCS-1 and the Ca2+-channel α1-subunit co-regulate synaptic transmission and nerve-terminal growthDason, J.S.; Romero-Pozuelo, J.; Marin, L.; Iyengar, B.G.; Klose, M.K.; Ferrús, Alberto; Atwood, H.L.Artículo
openAccess1995Functional recovery of troponin I in a Drosophila heldup mutant after a second site mutationPrado, A.; Canal, I.; Barbas, Julio A.; Molloy, J.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccessSep-2010Genes of the ecdysone biosynthesis pathway are regulated by the dATAC histone acetyltransferase complex in DrosophilaPankotai, T.; Popescu, C.; Martín Casacuberta, David A.; Grau, B.; Zsindely, N.; Bodai, L.; Tora, L.; Ferrús, Alberto; Boros, I.Artículo
openAccess1989Genetic analysis of muscle development in Drosophila melanogasterDe la Pompa, J.L.; Garcia, J.R.; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo
closedAccess1990Genetic analysis of the Shaker gene complex of Drosophila melanogasterFerrús, Alberto; Llamazares, S.; De La Pompa, J.L.; Tanouye, M.A.; Pongs, O.Artículo; Artículo
closedAccess1975Gynandromorph fate map of the wing-disk compartments inDrosophila melanogasterGarcía-Bellido, Antonio; Ferrús, AlbertoArtículo