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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess17-Jul-1992Activation of S1 nuclease at neutral pHEsteban, José A.; Salas, Margarita; Blanco, Luis
closedAccess2003AMPA receptor trafficking: a road map for synaptic plasticity.Esteban, José A.
openAccess2005Analysis of Rab protein function in neurotransmitter receptor trafficking at hippocampal synapsesGerges, Nashaat Z.; Brown, Tyler C.; Correia, Susana S.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess27-Apr-2007Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Regulates the Expressionand Synaptic Delivery of -Amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazole Propionic Acid Receptor Subunits in Hippocampal NeuronsCaldeira, Margarida V.; Melo, Carlos V.; Pereira, Daniela B.; Carvalho, Ricardo; Correia, Susana S.; Backos, D. S.; Carvalho, Ana Luisa; Esteban, José A.; Duarte, Carlos B.
openAccess2010Centro de Biologia Molecular “Severo Ochoa”: A Center for Basic Research into Alzheimer’s DiseaseAvila, Jesús; Hernandez, Felix; Wandosell, Francisco; Lucas, José Javier; Esteban, José A.; Ledesma, Maria Dolores; Bullido, María Jesús
openAccess6-Apr-2006Dual role of the exocyst in AMPA receptor targeting and insertion into the postsynaptic membraneGerges, Nashaat Z.; Backos, D. S.; Rupasinghe, Chamila N.; Spaller, Mark R.; Esteban, José A.
openAccessNov-2007Functional Compartmentalization of Endosomal Trafficking for the Synaptic Delivery of AMPA Receptors during Long-Term PotentiationBrown, Tyler C.; Correia, Susana S.; Petrok, Cortney N.; Esteban, José A.
openAccess1-Apr-1997In vitro evolution of terminal protein-containing genomesEsteban, José A.; Blanco, Luis; Villar, Laurentino; Salas, Margarita
openAccess19-May-2004Independent functions of Hsp90 in neurotransmitter release and in the continuous synaptic cycling of AMPA receptorsGerges, Nashaat Z.; Tran, Irwin C.; Backos, D. S.; Harrell, Jennifer M.; Chinkers, Michael; Pratt, William B.; Esteban, José A.
openAccess15-Oct-2004Local Control of AMPA Receptor Trafficking at the Postsynaptic Terminal by a Small GTPase of the Rab FamilyGerges, Nashaat Z.; Backos, D. S.; Esteban, José A.
openAccessJan-1992Metal activation of synthetic and degradative activities of .vphi.29 DNA polymerase, a model enzyme for protein-primed DNA replicationEsteban, José A.; Bernad, Antonio; Salas, Margarita; Blanco, Luis
openAccess2-Mar-2008Motor protein-dependent transport of AMPA receptors into spines during long-term potentiationCorreia, Susana S.; Bassani, Silvia; Brown, Tyler C.; Lisé, Marie-France; Backos, D. S.; El-Husseini, Alaa; Passafaro, Maria; Esteban, José A.
openAccess6-Jan-2005NMDA receptor-dependent activation of the small GTPase Rab5 drives the removal of synaptic AMPA receptors during hippocampal LTDBrown, Tyler C.; Tran, Irwin C.; Backos, D. S.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess1991PASHEMOS: a versatile program written in Pascal to simulate patterns on the shells of molluscs, according to the Meinhardt model.Hernández, Rafael; Esteban, José A.; García, Margarita; Morán, Federico
openAccess13-Dec-2009PIP3 controls synaptic function by maintaining AMPA receptor clustering at the postsynaptic membraneArendt, Kristin L.; Royo, María; Fernández-Monreal, Mónica; Knafo, Shira; Petrok, Cortney N.; Martens, Jeffrey R.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess8-Mar-2007PKC Anchoring to GluR4 AMPA Receptor Subunit Modulates PKC-Driven Receptor Phosphorylation and Surface ExpressionGomes, André R.; Correia, Susana S.; Esteban, José A.; Duarte, Carlos B.; Carvalho, Ana Luisa
closedAccess2000Postnatal synaptic potentiation: Delivery of GluR4-containing AMPA receptors by spontaneous activityZhu, Julius; Esteban, José A.; Hayashi, Yasunori; Malinow, Roberto
openAccess13-Jul-2010PTEN is recruited to the postsynaptic terminal for NMDA receptor-dependent long-term depressionJurado, Sandra; Benoist, Marion; Lario, Argentina; Knafo, Shira; Petrok, Cortney N.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess29-Sep-2009Rab 11 regulates constitutive dopamine transporter trafficking and function in N2A neuroblastoma cellsFurmana, Cheryse A.; Lo, Charles B.; Stokes, Stephanie; Esteban, José A.; Gnegy, Margaret E.
openAccessMar-2009Receptor-associated proteins and synaptic plasticityBruneau, Emile G.; Esteban, José A.; Akaaboune, Mohammed