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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1986A characterization of the core in overlapping-generations economiesEsteban, Joan
closedAccessJun-2011A model of ethnic conflictEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
openAccess2008A theory of agreements in the shadow of conflict: The genesis of bargaining powerEsteban, Joan; Sákovics, József
openAccess2007An extension of a measure of polarization, with an application to the income distribution of five OECD countriesEsteban, Joan; Gradón, Carlos; Ray, Debraj
openAccess2001Collective action and the group size paradoxEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
openAccess22-May-2007A Comparison of Polarization MeasuresEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
closedAccess1990Competitive equilibria and the core of overlapping generations economiesEsteban, Joan; Millán, T.
closedAccess1999Conflict and DistributionEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
closedAccess1997Costly transfer institutions and the core in an overlapping generations modelEngineer, M.; Esteban, Joan; Sákovics, József
openAccess13-Jan-2011Ethnic and Religious Polarization and Social ConflictEsteban, Joan; Mayoral, Laura
openAccess2012Ethnicity and Conflict: An Empirical StudyEsteban, Joan; Mayoral, Laura; Ray, Debraj
closedAccess2012Ethnicity and Conflict: Theory and FactsEsteban, Joan; Mayoral, Laura; Ray, Debraj
openAccess1998Factor decomposition of cross-country income inequality, 1960-1990Duro Moreno, Juan Antonio; Esteban, Joan
openAccess14-May-2009Government Information TransparencyEsteban, Joan; Albornoz, Facundo; Vanin, Paolo
openAccess2006Inequality, lobbying, and resource allocationEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
openAccess13-Oct-2008Leadership in Collective ActionEsteban, Joan; Hauk, Esther
openAccess15-Mar-2009Linking Conflict to Inequality and PolarizationEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
openAccess22-May-2007A Model of Ethnic ConflictEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
openAccess2008On the salience of ethnic conflictEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj
openAccess1-Apr-2007Polarization, Fractionalization and ConflictEsteban, Joan; Ray, Debraj