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15-Apr-20088-Amino guanine accelerates tetramolecular G-quadruplex formationGros, Julien; Aviñó, Anna; López de la Osa, Jaime; González, Carlos; Lacroix, Laurent; Pérez, Alberto; Orozco, Modesto; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Mergny, Jean-LouisArtículo
2011A Direct, Efficient Method for the Preparation of siRNAs Containing Ribo-like North Bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane PseudosugarsTerrazas, Montserrat; Aviñó, Anna; Siddiqui, Maqbool A.; Márquez, Víctor E.; Eritja Casadellà, RamónArtículo
Dec-1998A monoclonal antibody that specifically recognizes m6A nucleosideEspuny, Ruth; Castro, Ana; Codony, Carles; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Bach-Elias, MontseArtículo
18-Jun-1998A second-step splicing activity is conserved from yeast to humanCicarelli, R. M. B.; Khaouja, Amina; Codony, Carles; Espuny, Ruth; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Bach-Elias, MontseArtículo
2011Acridine and quindoline oligomers linked through a 4-aminoproline backbone prefer G-quadruplex structuresFerreira, Rubén; Artali, Roberto; Farrera-Sinfreu, Josep; Albericio, Fernando; Royo, Miriam; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Mazzini, StefaniaArtículo
2002Additional binding sites for anionic phospholipids and calcium ions in the crystal structures of complexes of the C2 domain of protein kinase CαOchoa, Wendy F.; Corbalán-García, Senena; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Rodríguez-Alfaro, José Ángel; Fita, Ignacio; Verdaguer, NúriaArtículo
2012Apolar carbohydrates as DNA capping agentsLucas, Ricardo; Vengut-Climent, E.; Gomez-Pinto, Irene; Aviñó, Anna; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; González, Carlos; Morales, Juan C.Artículo; Artículo
18-Aug-1998Biochemical basis of SOS-induced mutagenesis in Escherichia coli: Reconstitution of in vitro lesion bypass dependent on the UmuD′2C mutagenic complex and RecA proteinTang, Mengjia; Bruck, Irina; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Turner, Jennifer; Frank, Ekaterina G.; Woodgate, Roger; O’Donnell, Mike; Goodman, Myron F.Artículo
Mar-2011Branched RNA: A New Architecture for RNA InterferenceAviñó, Anna; Ocampo, Sandra M.; Perales, José Carlos; Eritja Casadellà, RamónArtículo
2013Carbohydrate-DNA interactions at G-quadruplexes: folding and stability changes by attaching sugars at the 5'-endGómez-Pinto, Irene; Vengut-Climent, E.; Lucas, Ricardo; Aviñó, Anna; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; González, Carlos; Morales, Juan CarlosArtículo
Mar-2012Carbon nanotubes field effect transistors biosensorsMartínez, M. T.; Tseng, Y. C.; Ormategui, N.; Loinaz, I.; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Salvador, J. P.; Marco, M. P.; Bokor, J.Artículo
2011Chemical equilibria studies using multivariate analysis methodsJaumot, Joaquim; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Gargallo, RaimundoArtículo
24-May-1994Chemical synthesis of a fully active transcriptional repressor proteinSolar, Gloria del; Albericio, Fernando; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Espinosa Padrón, ManuelArtículo
26-Jan-2015Classification of nucleic acids structures by means of the chemometric analysis of circular dichroism spectraJaumot, Joaquim; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Navea, Susana; Gargallo, RaimundoArtículo
20-Jul-2009Conformationally rigid nucleoside probes help understand the role of sugar pucker and nucleobase orientation in the thrombin-binding aptamerSaneyoshi, Hisao; Mazzini, Stefania; Aviñó, Anna; Portella, Guillem; González, Carlos; Orozco, Modesto; Márquez, Víctor E.; Eritja Casadellà, RamónArtículo
1999Crystal structure of a DNA Holliday junctionOrtiz-Lombardía, Miguel; González, Ana María D.; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Aymamí, Joan; Azorín, Ferran; Coll, MiquelArtículo
25-Sep-1995Dam methylase from Escherichia coli: kinetic studies using modified DNA oligomers: hemimethylated substratesMarzabal, Stephane; DuBois, Stephen; Thielking, Vera; Ángeles, Cano; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Guschlbauer, WilhemArtículo
16-Nov-2011Derivados lipofílicos de ácidos nucleicosEritja Casadellà, Ramón; Ocampo, Sandra M.; Perales, José Carlos; Grijalvo, Santiago; Aviñó, AnnaSolicitud de patente
10-May-2012Derivatives of small interfering rnas and use thereofOcampo, Sandra M.; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Romero, Carolina; Burgueño, Joan; Fernandez, Ester; Perales, José CarlosSolicitud de patente
2010Development of a Novel Fluorescence Assay Based on the Use of the Thrombin Binding Aptamer for the Detection of O6-alkylguanine–DNA Alkyltransferase ActivityTintoré, María; Aviñó, Anna; Ruiz, Federico M.; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón; Fàbrega, CarmeArtículo

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