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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess1-Jan-2009Astrocytes are very sensitive to develop innate immune responses to lipid-carried short interfering RNAGorina, Roser; Santalucía, Tomàs; Petegnief, Valérie; Ejarque-Ortiz, Aroa; Saura, Josep; Planas, Anna M.
openAccess18-Apr-2008C/EBPs en la activación glialSaura, Josep; Serratosa, Joan; Ejarque-Ortiz, Aroa
closedAccess2010CCAAT/enhancer binding protein delta in microglial activationEjarque-Ortiz, Aroa; Gresa-Arribas, Nuria; Straccia, Marco; Mancera, Pilar; Solà, Carme; Tusell, Josep Maria; Serratosa, Joan; Saura, Josep
closedAccess2007CCAAT/enhancer binding protein-α is down-regulated by toll-like receptor agonists in microglial cellsEjarque-Ortiz, Aroa; Tusell, Josep Maria; Serratosa, Joan; Saura, Josep
openAccess9-Jul-2012Inhibition of CD200R1 expression by C/EBP beta in reactive microglial cellsDentesano, Guido; Straccia, Marco; Ejarque-Ortiz, Aroa; Tusell, Josep Maria; Serratosa, Joan; Saura, Josep; Solà, Carme
openAccess10-Nov-2011Pro-inflammatory gene expression and neurotoxic effects of activated microglia are attenuated by absence of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein βStraccia, Marco; Gresa-Arribas, Nuria; Dentesano, Guido; Ejarque-Ortiz, Aroa; Tusell, Josep Maria; Serratosa, Joan; Solà, Carme; Saura, Josep
closedAccess2007Upregulation of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein β in activated astrocytes and microgliaEjarque-Ortiz, Aroa; Medina, Manel G.; Tusell, Josep Maria; Pérez-González, Anna P.; Serratosa, Joan; Saura, Josep
openAccess1-Apr-2009Upregulation of p21Cip1 in activated glial cellsTusell, Josep Maria; Ejarque-Ortiz, Aroa; Mancera, Pilar; Solà, Carme; Saura, Josep; Serratosa, Joan