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closedAccess2002A preliminary methods comparison for measurement of dissolved organic nitrogen in seawaterSharp, Jonathan H.; Doval, M. DoloresArtículo
openAccess2001Basin-scale changes of total organic carbon profiles in the eastern South AtlanticPérez, Fiz F.; Ríos, Aida F.; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón; Doval, M. DoloresArtículo
openAccess1997Determination of dissolved organic nitrogen in seawater using Kjeldahl digestion after inorganic nitrogen removalDoval, M. Dolores; Fraga, Fernando; Pérez, Fiz F.Artículo
openAccess9-Apr-1998Diel variations in bacterial heterotrophic activity and growth in the northwestern Mediterranean SeaGasol, Josep M.; Doval, M. Dolores; Pinhassi, Jarone; Calderón-Paz, Juan I.; Guixa-Boixareu, Núria; Vaqué, Dolors; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
openAccess1999Dissolved and particulate organic carbon and nitrogen in the Northwestern MediterraneanDoval, M. Dolores; Pérez, Fiz F.; Berdalet, ElisaArtículo
openAccess28-Nov-2001Dissolved and suspended organic carbon in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Stock dynamics in upper ocean watersDoval, M. Dolores; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón; Gasol, Josep M.; Lorenzo, Luisa M.; Mirón, Iván; Figueiras, F. G.; Pedrós-Alió, CarlosArtículo
openAccess2002Dissolved organic carbon distributions in the Bransfield and Gerlache Straits, AntarcticaDoval, M. Dolores; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón; Castro, Carmen G.; Pérez, Fiz F.Artículo
openAccess2002Dissolved organic carbon support of respiration in the dark oceanArístegui, Javier; Duarte, Carlos M.; Agustí, Susana; Doval, M. Dolores; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón; Hansell, Dennis A.Artículo
openAccess16-Oct-1997Dissolved organic matter in a temperate embayment affected by coastal upwellingDoval, M. Dolores; Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón; Pérez, Fiz F.Artículo
openAccess1999Dissolved organic matter in shelf waters off the Ria de Vigo (NW Iberian upwelling system)Álvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón; Doval, M. Dolores; Pérez, Fiz F.Artículo
openAccess2014Fluvial contributions of nutrients and dissolved organic matter to the Ria of Ares-BetanzosPrego, R.; Álvarez-Vázquez, M. A.; Uña-Álvarez, E.; Doval, M. DoloresComunicación de congreso
closedAccess2002New and regenerated production and ammonium regeneration in the western Bransfield Strait region (Antarctica) during phytoplankton bloom conditions in summerBode, Antonio; Castro, Carmen G.; Doval, M. Dolores; Varela, ManuelArtículo
closedAccess2002Nutrient utilisation and chlorophyll distribution in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during Austral summer 1995-96Castro, Carmen G.; Ríos, Aida F.; Doval, M. Dolores; Pérez, Fiz F.Artículo
openAccess2014Outside the paradigm of upwelling rias in NW Iberian Peninsula: Biogeochemical and phytoplankton patterns of a non-upwelling riaOspina-Álvarez, Natalia; Varela, Manuel; Doval, M. Dolores; Gómez-Gesteira, M.; Cervantes-Duarte, Rafael; Prego, R.Artículo
openAccess2010Plankton response to weakening of the Iberian coastal upwellingPérez, Fiz F.; Padín, X. A.; Pazos, Yolanda; Gilcoto, Miguel; Cabanas, Manuel; Pardo, Paula C.; Doval, M. Dolores; Farina-Busto, L.Artículo
openAccess1998Spatio-temporal variability of the thermohaline and biogeochemical properties and dissolved organic carbon in a coastal embayment affected by upwelling: the Ría de Vigo (NW Spain)Doval, M. Dolores; Nogueira, E.; Pérez, Fiz F.Artículo
openAccess2006Stoichiometry of the degradation of dissolved and particulate biogenic organic matter in the NW Iberian upwellingÁlvarez-Salgado, Xosé Antón; Nieto-Cid, Mar; Gago, J.; Brea, S.; Castro, Carmen G.; Doval, M. Dolores; Pérez, Fiz F.Artículo
closedAccess2002Water masses and distribution of physico-chemical properties in the Western Bransfield Strait and Gerlache Strait during Austral summer 1995/96García, M. A.; Castro, Carmen G.; Ríos, Aida F.; Doval, M. Dolores; Rosón, Gabriel; Gomis, Damià; López, O.Artículo