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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
200013C NMR assessment of decomposition patterns during composting of forest and shrub biomassAlmendros, G.; Dorado, José; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Blanco Santos, Mª J.; Lankes, U.Artículo
2011Accuracy and Feasibility of Optoelectronic Sensors for Weed Mapping in Wide Row CropsAndújar, Dionisio; Ribeiro, Ángela; Fernández Quintanilla, César; Dorado, JoséArtículo
2010An assessment of the accuracy and consistency of human perception of weed coverAndújar, Dionisio; Ribeiro, Ángela; Carmona, R.; Fernández Quintanilla, César; Dorado, JoséArtículo
2001Assessment of molecular descriptors involved in the sorptive interactions of phenoxy-carboxylic herbicides in soil treated with different concentrations of humic acidDorado, José; Almendros, G.Artículo
2004Changes in pyrolytic patterns of humic acids in terms of tillage systems on a semiarid Mediterranean soilDorado, José; López-Fando, Cristina; Almendros, G.; González-Vila, Francisco JavierPóster
2003Changes in soil properties and humic substances after long-term amendments with manure and crop residues in dryland farming systems.Dorado, José; Zancada, M. C.; Almendros, G.; López-Fando, CristinaArtículo
1994Compaction under different tillage systems in dryland Mediterranean soils in central SpainLópez-Fando, Cristina; Almendros, G.; Dorado, JoséComunicación de congreso
1999Compounds released by sequential chemolysis from cuticular remains of the Cretaceous Gymnosperm Squamastrobus tigrensis (Patagonia, the Argentine)Almendros, G.; Dorado, José; Sanz, J.; Álvarez Ramis, Concepción; Fernández Marrón, M. T.; Archangelsky, S.Artículo
2006The effect of tillage system and use of a paraplow on weed flora in a semiarid soil from central SpainDorado, José; López-Fando, CristinaArtículo
2000Effects of humic acid concentration on the retention patterns of phenoxyacetic acids in soilDorado, José; Almendros, G.; González-Vila, Francisco JavierComunicación de congreso
2007Effects of zone.tillage in rotation with no-tillage on soil properties and crop yields in a semi-arid soil from central SpainLópez-Fando, Cristina; Dorado, José; Pardo Fernández, María TeresaArtículo
2003Evolución de las propiedades físicas y la materia orgánica del suelo con enmiendas orgánicas y fertilización mineralLópez-Fando, Cristina; Dorado, José; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Zancada, M. C.; Almendros, G.Artículo
2009Germination Patterns in Naturally Chilled and Nonchilled Seeds of Fierce Thornapple (Datura ferox) and Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti)Dorado, José; Fernández Quintanilla, César; Grundy, Andrea C.Artículo
2001Infrared spectroscopy analysis of hemp (Cannabis sativa) after selective delignification by Bjerkandera sp. at different nitrogen levelsDorado, José; Almendros, G.; Field, J.A.; Sierra Álvarez, ReyesArtículo
2010Malas hierbas habituales en cultivos de maízDorado, José; Fernández Quintanilla, CésarArtículo
2011Modeling the emergence pattern of five weed species in maize crops from central SpainDorado, José; Hernaiz, P.; González-Andújar, José Luis; Fernández Quintanilla, CésarArtículo
1999Molecular characteristics related to the biodegradability of humic acid preparationsAlmendros, G.; Dorado, JoséArtículo
1999Molecular characterization of fossil organic matter in Glyptostrobus europaeus remains from the Orawa basin (Poland). Comparison of pyrolytic techniquesAlmendros, G.; Dorado, José; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Martín Martínez, Francisco; Sanz Perucha, Jesús; Álvarez Ramis, Concepción; Stuchlík, L.Artículo
2001Nitrogen removal with protease improves the selective delignification of hemp stemwood by the white rot fungus Bjerkandera sp. strain BOS55Dorado, José; Field, J.A.; Almendros, G.; Sierra-Alvarez, R.Artículo
Jun-2012Potential geographical distribution of Avena sterilis L. in EuropeCastellanos-Frias, Elena; Pujadas-Salvá, Antonio José; Dorado, José; González-Andújar, José LuisComunicación de congreso

Showing results 1 to 20 of 31