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openAccessLopez_MMM_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2016Binary supercritical CO2 solvent mixtures for the synthesis of 3D metal-organic frameworksLópez Periago, Ana M. ; López-Domínguez, Pedro; Pérez Barrio, Jorge; Tobias, Gerard ; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepciónartículo
openAccessSalerno_MatSciEngC_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2016Bio-safe processing of polylactic-co-caprolactone and polylactic acid blends to fabricate fibrous porous scaffolds for in vitro mesenchymal stem cells adhesion and proliferationSalerno, Aurelio ; Guarino, Vincenzo; Oliviero, Olimpia; Ambrosio, Luigi; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepciónartículo
openAccessLopez_CrystGrowthDes_2016_postpirnt.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2016Hollow Microcrystals of Copper Hexafluoroacetylacetonate-Pyridine Derivative Adducts via Supercritical CO2 RecrystallizationLópez Periago, Ana M. ; Vallcorba, Oriol ; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepción; Ayllón, José A.artículo
openAccessSubirana_MatLett_2016_postprint.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2016Lead(II) fluoride particles synthesized by a straightforward mechanochemical routeSubirana Manzanares, Maria Angels; Sánchez Sala, Marta; Pons, Josefina; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepción; Ayllón, José A.artículo
openAccessBorras_ChemEurJ_2018_postprint.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2018Preparation and Characterization of Graphene Oxide Aerogels: Exploring the Limits of Supercritical CO2 Fabrication MethodsBorrás, Alejandro ; Gonçalves, Gil; Marbán, Gregorio; Sandoval, Stefania ; Pinto, Susana; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Fraile, Julio ; Tobias, Gerard ; López Periago, Ana M. ; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepciónartículo
openAccessSoldevila_InorgChemComm_2016_postprint.pdf.jpgSep-2016Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of a Cu(II) paddle-wheel complex with mixed bridgesSoldevila Sanmartín, Joan; Ayllón, José A.; Calvet, Teresa; Font Bardia, Mercè; Domingo Pascual, M. Concepción; Pons, Josefinaartículo