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openAccessAmulti_step_ProcessOfViralAdaptation.pdf.jpg2010A multi-step process of viral adaptation to a mutagenic nucleoside analogue by modulation of transition types leads to extinction-escapeAgudo, Rubén ; Ferrer-Orta, Cristina  ; Arias, Armando ; Higuera, Ignacio de la ; Perales, Celia ; Pérez-Luque, Rosa  ; Verdaguer, Núria  ; Domingo, Esteban artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2000A multiply substituted G-H loop from foot-and-mouth disease virus in complex with a neutralizing antibody: A role for water moleculesOchoa, Wendy F.; Kalko, Susana Graciela; Mateu, Mauricio G. ; Gomes, Paula; Andreu, David; Domingo, Esteban ; Fita, Ignacio  ; Verdaguer, Núria  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJan-1998A similar pattern of interaction for different antibodies with a major antigenic site of foot-and-mouth disease virus: Implications for intratypic antigenic variationVerdaguer, Núria  ; Sevilla, Noemí ; Valero, Mari Luz; Stuart, David I.; Brocchi, Emiliana; Andreu, David; Giralt, Ernest; Domingo, Esteban ; Mateu, Mauricio G. ; Fita, Ignacio  artículo
openAccessDomingoE_AnEfficienteMicroarray-BasesGenotyping.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2016An efficient microarray-based genotyping platform for the identification of drug-resistance mutations in majority and minority subpopulations of HIV-1 quasispeciesMartín, Verónica; Perales, Celia ; Dos Santos, Helena G.; Abia, David ; Domingo, Esteban artículo
openAccessEDomingo_JGenVir_990.pdf.jpgApr-2010An interfering activity against lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus replication associated with enhanced mutagenesisMartín, Verónica; Abia, David ; Domingo, Esteban ; Grande-Pérez, Anaartículo
openAccess2317714_B1.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2010Animal útil como modelo experimental de una infección del virus de la fiebre aftosa (VFA), su procedimiento de obtención y sus aplicacionesDomingo, Esteban ; Sevilla, Noemí patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg15-Nov-1996Antigenically profound amino acid substitutions occur during large population passages of foot-and-mouth disease virusSevilla, Noemí ; Verdaguer, Núria  ; Domingo, Esteban artículo
openAccessE_Domingo_Arenaviruses.pdf.jpg2012Arenaviruses and lethal mutagenesis. prospects for new ribavirin-based interventionsMoreno, Héctor; Grande-Pérez, Ana; Domingo, Esteban ; Martín, Verónicaartículo
openAccessWO2009144353A1(3).pdf.jpg3-Dec-2009Attenuated vaccine for foot-and-mouth diseaseDomingo, Esteban ; Escarmís, Cristina; Ojosnegros Martos, Samuel ; García Arriaza, Juan Francisco; Sanz-Ramos Rojo, Marta; Sevilla, Noemí ; Rodríguez-Calvo, Teresapatente
openAccessDomingoE_Barrier-Independent,Fitness-Associated.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2016Barrier-independent, fitness-associated differences in sofosbuvir efficacy against hepatitis c virusGallego, Isabel ; Sheldon, Julie ; Moreno, Elena ; Gregori, Josep Maria; Esteban, Juan Ignacio; Rice, Charles M.; Domingo, Esteban ; Perales, Celia artículo
openAccessDomingoE_BaselineHepatitisCVirus.pdf.jpg2018Baseline hepatitis C virus resistance-associated substitutions present at frequencies lower than 15% may be clinically significantPerales, Celia ; Domingo, Esteban ; Quer, Josepartículo
openAccessLazaro_RNA_2008.pdf.jpg2008Beneficial Effects of Population Bottlenecks in an RNA Virus Evolving at Increased Error RateCases-González, Clara E.; Arribas, María ; Domingo, Esteban ; Lázaro, Ester artículo
openAccessEBaranowski_JVirol_1641.pdf.jpg2000Cell recognition by foot-and-mouth disease virus that lacks the RGD integrin-binding motif: blexibility in aphthovirus receptor usageBaranowski, Eric; Ruiz-Jarabo, Carmen M.; Sevilla, Noemí ; Andreu, David; Beck, Ewald; Domingo, Esteban artículo
closedAccess17-Aug-2007Characterization of minority subpopulations in the mutant spectrum of HIV-1 quasispecies by successive specific amplificationsGarcía Arriaza, Juan Francisco; Domingo, Esteban ; Briones, Carlos artículo
openAccessDomingo E Clonality.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2015Clonality and intracellular polyploidy in virus evolution and pathogenesisPerales, Celia ; Moreno, Elena ; Domingo, Esteban artículo
openAccessDomingo_PNAS_2010.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2010Competition-colonization dynamics in an RNA virusOjosnegros Martos, Samuel ; Beerenwinkelb, Niko; Antal, Tibor; Nowak, Martin A.; Escarmís, Cristina; Domingo, Esteban artículo
openAccessMultifunctuional_poly-post-print.pdf.jpgOct-2018Contribution of a multifunctional polymerase region of foot-and-mouth disease virus to lethal mutagenesisHiguera, Ignacio de la ; Ferrer-Orta, Cristina  ; Moreno, Elena ; Ávila, Ana Isabel de; Soria, María Eugenia; Singh, Kamalendra; Flavia Caridi,; Sobrino, Francisco; Sarafianos, Stefan G.; Perales, Celia ; Verdaguer, Núria  ; Domingo, Esteban artículo
openAccess2016Correction for Quer at al., High-Resolution Hepatitis C Virus Subtyping Using NS5B Deep Sequencing and Phylogeny, an Alternative to Current MethodsQuer, Josep; Domingo, Esteban ; Perales, Celia ; Sheldon, Julie ; Esteban, Juan Ignacioartículo
openAccessEDomingo_PlosOne_5554.pdf.jpg14-May-2009Counteracting Quasispecies Adaptability: Extinction of a Ribavirin-Resistant Virus Mutant by an Alternative Mutagenic TreatmentPerales, Celia ; Agudo, Rubén ; Domingo, Esteban artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2014Design, synthesis and X-Ray of Foot-and-mouth disease virus (Fluoro)uridylylated peptides linked to the genome (VPgpU and VPgpFU)Castro, Sonia de ; Ferrer-Orta, Cristina  ; Fernández-Cureses, Gloria ; Verdaguer, Núria  ; Domingo, Esteban ; Camarasa Rius, María José póster de congreso