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openAccessWO2009133228A1.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2009Diffraction network coupler, system and methodZinoviev, Kirill; Domínguez Horna, Carlos; Lechuga, Laura M.Patente
openAccessEP2148191A1.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2010Impedimetric sensor and applications thereofBratov, Andrey; Domínguez Horna, Carlos; Abramova, Natalia; Merlos Domingo, Ángel; Ramón Azcón, Javier; Sánchez Baeza, Francisco J.; Marco, María PilarSolicitud de patente
openAccessCA2693423A1-2.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2009Interferometerand sensor based on bimodal optical waveguide and sensing methodDomínguez Horna, Carlos; Zinoviev, Kirill; Lechuga, Laura M.Patente
openAccessWO2009095520A1.pdf.jpg6-Aug-2009Method for defining and producing reactive chemical nanomemtric surface patterns by means of gaseous-phase soft lithography, resulting patterns and devices and uses thereofDe la Rica Quesada, Roberto; Fernández Sánchez, César; Baldi Coll, Antonio; Domínguez Horna, Carlos; Jiménez Jorquera, CeciliaPatente
openAccessWO2006114471A1.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2006Optical components based on fluids or other media that can be actuated using electromagnetic fields.Llobera, Andreu; Pérez Castillejo, Raquel; Cadarso Busto, Víctor Javier; Plaza Plaza, José Antonio; Esteve i Tintó, Jaume; Domínguez Horna, CarlosPatente
openAccessES2404944A1.pdf.jpg29-May-2013Sensor de determinación directa de la presencia de detergentes en una muestraBratov, Andrey; Ipatov, Andrey; Abramova, Natalia; Domínguez Horna, Carlos; Merlos Domingo, ÁngelSolicitud de patente
openAccessWO2013014310A1.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2013Sensor for directly determining the presence of detergents in a sampleBratov, Andrey; Ipatov, Andrey; Abramova, Natalia; Domínguez Horna, Carlos; Merlos Domingo, AngelPatente