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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2012A cell cycle role for the epigenetic factor CTCF-L/BORISRosa-Garrido, Manuel; Ceballos, Laura; Alonso-Lecue, Pilar; Abraira, Cristina; Delgado, M. Dolores; Gandarillas, Alberto
closedAccess21-Sep-2011A new potential cell cycle functions of epigenetic CTCF factors in human skinRosa-Garrido, Manuel; Ceballos, Laura; Abraira, Cristina; Delgado, M. Dolores; Gandarillas, Alberto
closedAccess2003Amifostine impairs p53-mediated apoptosis of human myeloid leukemia cellsAcosta, Juan C.; Richard, C.; Delgado, M. Dolores; Horita, M.; Rizzo, M. G.; Fernández-Luna, J. L.; León, Javier
closedAccess2011Bioquímica Estructural y MetabólicaDelgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier; Navas Méndez, Jesús; Rodríguez-Rey, José C.
openAccess2004c-myc expression in cell lines derived from chronic myeloid leukemiaGómez-Casares, M. Teresa; Vaqué, Jose P.; Lemes, Angelina; Molero, Teresa; Delgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier
closedAccess2000c-Myc inhibits CD11a and CD11c leukocyte integrin promotersLópez-Rodríguez, Cristina; Delgado, M. Dolores; Puig-Kröger, Amaya; Nueda, Arsenio; Muñoz, Eduardo; León, Javier; Bernabéu Quirante, Carmelo; Corbí, Angel L.
closedAccess2012CTCF and the global effects of distinct histone marks on BCL6 expression in lymphoma cellsRosa-Garrido, Manuel; Delgado, M. Dolores
openAccess8-Nov-2010CTCF regulates the local epigenetic state of ribosomal DNA repeatsRosa-Garrido, Manuel; Torrano, Veronica; Delgado, M. Dolores; Galjart, Niels; Sleutels, Frank
closedAccess1995Down regulation of c-Myc and Max genes is associated to inhibition of protein phosphatase 2A in K562 human leukemia cellsLerga, Ana; Belandia, Borja; Delgado, M. Dolores; Cuadrado, M. A.; Richard, C.; Ortiz, Jose M.; Martín-Pérez, Jorge; León, Javier
closedAccess2005Effects of the antitumoural dequalinium on NB4 and K562 human leukemia cell lines: Mitochondrial implication in cell deathGaleano, Eva; Nieto, Elena; García-Pérez, Ana Isabel; Delgado, M. Dolores; Pinilla, Montserrat; Sancho, Pilar
openAccess2007Expression of the CTCF-paralogous cancer-testis gene, brother of the regulator of imprinted sites (BORIS), is regulated by three alternative promoters modulated by CpG methylation and by CTCF and p53 transcription factorsDelgado, M. Dolores; Benhattar, Jean
closedAccess2006Gene expression regulation and cancerDelgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier
closedAccess2000H-, K- and N-Ras inhibit myeloid leukemia cell proliferation by a p21WAF1-dependent mechanismDelgado, M. Dolores; Vaqué, J. Pedro; Arozarena, Imanol; López-Ilasaca, Marco A.; Martínez, Carlos; Crespo, Piero; León, Javier
openAccess2009HCT116 cells deficient in p21Waf1 are hypersensitive to tyrosine kinase inhibitors and adriamycin through a mechanism unrelated to p21 and dependent on p53Ferrandiz, Nuria; Martín-Pérez, Jorge; Blanco, Rosa; Donertas, Derya; Delgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier
closedAccess2012MYC antagonizes imatinib-induced differentiation in chronic myeloid leukemia cells through downregulation of p27KIP1Gómez-Casares, M. Teresa; García-Alegria, Eva; Ferrandiz, Nuria; Blanco, Rosa; Vaqué, Dolors; Bretones, Gabriel; Caraballo Otero, Juan Manuel; Sánchez-Bailón, María Pilar; Delgado, M. Dolores; Martín-Pérez, Jorge, et al
closedAccess2012MYC impairs the diferentiation but not the growth arrest induced by Bcr-Abl through p27KIP1 down-regulationGarcía-Alegria, Eva; Gómez-Casares, M. Teresa; Delgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier
openAccess2011MYC in chronic myeloid leukemia: Induction of aberrant DNA synthesis and association with poor response to imatinibAlbajar, Marta; Gómez-Casares, M. Teresa; Mauleon, Itaso; Vaqué, Jose P.; Acosta, Juan C.; Delgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier
openAccess2008Myc inhibits p27-induced erythroid differentiation of leukemia cells by repressing erythroid master genes without reversing p27-mediated cell cycle arrestAcosta, Juan C.; Ferrandiz, Nuria; Bretones, Gabriel; Torrano, Veronica; Blanco, Rosa; Richard, C.; Delgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier
closedAccess2013MYC oncogene in myeloid neoplasiasDelgado, M. Dolores; Albajar, Marta; Gómez-Casares, M. Teresa; Batlle, Ana; León, Javier
closedAccess20-Jun-2010Myc roles in hematopoiesis and leukemiaDelgado, M. Dolores; León, Javier