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openAccessdownload.pdf.jpg2009A null-model analysis of the spatio-temporal distribution of earthworm species assemblages in Colombian grasslandsDecaëns, Thibaud; Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Rossi, Jean-Pierreartículo
closedAccessSep-2008C and N concentrations in biogenic structures of a soil-feeding termite and a fungus-growing ant in the Colombian savannasJiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaud; Lavelle, Patrickartículo
openAccessBiogenic_Jimenez_Decaens_2006.pdf.jpgNov-2006Chemical variations in the biostructures produced by soil ecosystem engineers. Examples from the neotropical savannasJiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaudartículo
openAccessJimenez_etal_Diapause_Pedobiologia1999.pdf.jpg2000Differences in the timing of diapause and patterns of aestivation in tropical earthwormsJiménez, Juan J.  ; Brown, George G.; Decaëns, Thibaud; Feijoo, Alex; Lavelle, Patrickartículo
openAccessJimenez_etal_Dissecting the multi-scale spatial relationship_BCM_Ecology_2014.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2014Dissecting the multi-scale spatial relationship of earthworm assemblages with soil environmental variabilityJiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaud; Lavelle, Patrick; Rossi, Jean-Pierreartículo
openAccessJimenez_et_al_BFS1998.pdf.jpgNov-1998Earthworm communities in native savannas and man-made pastures of the Eastern Plains of ColombiaJiménez, Juan J.  ; Moreno, A. G.; Decaëns, Thibaud; Lavelle, Patrick; Fisher, M. J.; Thomas, Richard J.artículo
openAccessDecaens_ Jimenez_PlantSoil2002.pdf.jpgMar-2002Earthworm communities under an agricultural intensification gradient in ColombiaDecaëns, Thibaud; Jiménez, Juan J.  artículo
openAccessBiogenic_Jimenez_etal_SBB2006.pdf.jpgMay-2006Nutrient spatial variability in biogenic structures of Nasutitermes (Termitinae; Isoptera) in a gallery forest of the Colombian ‘Llanos’Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaud; Lavelle, Patrickartículo
openAccessPhosphorus_Jimenezetal.pdf.jpgMay-2003Phosphorus fractions and dynamics in surface earthworm casts under native and improved grasslands in a Colombian savanna OxisolJiménez, Juan J.  ; Cepeda, Alberto; Decaëns, Thibaud; Oberson, A.; Friesend, Dennis K.artículo
openAccessJimenez_et_al_ASE1998.pdf.jpg1998Population dynamics and adaptive strategies of Martiodrilus carimaguensis (Oligochaeta, Glossoscolecidae), a native species from the well-drained savannas of ColombiaJiménez, Juan J.  ; Moreno, A. G.; Lavelle, Patrick; Decaëns, Thibaudartículo
openAccessDecaens_etal_CRAA2002.pdf.jpg2002Pourquoi et comment gérer la macrofaune du sol dans les agroécosystèmes tropicaux?Decaëns, Thibaud; Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Barros, E.; Lavelle, Patrickartículo
openAccessMariani_etal_Dieta_CRAS2001.pdf.jpgAug-2001Régime alimentaire d’un ver de terre anécique des savanes colombiennes : une remise en question des types écologiquesMariani, Lucero; Bernier, Nicolas; Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaudartículo
openAccessJimenez_etal_FinallyAccepted_31Jan2011.pdf.jpgMay-2011Short-range spatial variability of soil physico-chemical variables related to earthworm clustering in a neotropical gallery forestJiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaud; Amézquita, Edgard; Rao, Idupulapati; Thomas, Richard J.; Lavelle, Patrickartículo
openAccessJimenez_etal_Oikos_final.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2012Soil environmental heterogeneity allows spatial co-occurrence of competitor earthworm species in a gallery forest of the Colombian ‘Llanos’Jiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaud; Rossi, Jean-Pierreartículo
openAccessJimenezetal_Spatiotemp_ActaOecol2006.pdf.jpgNov-2006Stability of the spatio-temporal distribution and niche overlap in neotropical earthworm assemblagesJiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaud; Rossi, Jean-Pierreartículo
openAccessJimenezetal_Method_efficiency_EJSB2006.pdf.jpgNov-2006The efficiency of soil hand-sorting in assessing the abundance and biomass of earthworm communities. Its usefulness in population dynamics and cohort analysis studiesJiménez, Juan J.  ; Lavelle, Patrick; Decaëns, Thibaudartículo
openAccessJimenez_DecaensAEE2004.pdf.jpgMar-2004The impact of soil organisms on soil functioning under neotropical pastures. A case study of a native anecic earthworm speciesJiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaudartículo
openAccessJimenez_Decaens_BFS2000.pdf.jpgDec-2000Vertical distribution of earthworms in grassland soils of the Colombian LlanosJiménez, Juan J.  ; Decaëns, Thibaudartículo