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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2012Anticipating critical transitionsScheffer, M.; Carpenter, S.R.; Lenton, T. M.; Bascompte, Jordi; Brock, William A.; Dakos, Vasilis; Van De Koppel, J.; van de Leemput, I.A.; Levin, Simon A.; van Nes, Egbert H., et al
openAccess2015Critical slowing down as early warning for the onset of collapse in mutualistic communitiesDakos, Vasilis; Bascompte, Jordi
openAccess2013Early warning signals also precede non-catastrophic transitionsKéfi, Sonia; Dakos, Vasilis; Scheffer, M.; van Nes, Egbert H.; Rietkerk, Max
openAccess2014Early Warning Signals of Ecological Transitions: Methods for Spatial PatternsKefí, Sonia; Guttal, Vishwesha; Brock, William A.; Carpenter, S.R.; Ellison, Aaron M.; Livina, Valerie N.; Seekell, David A.; Scheffer, M.; van Nes, Egbert H.; Dakos, Vasilis
closedAccessSep-2009Early-warning signals for critical transitionsSheffer, Marten; Bascompte, Jordi; Brock, William A.; Brovkin, Victor; Carpenter, S.R.; Dakos, Vasilis; Held, Hermann; van Nes, Egbert H.; Rietkerk, Max; Sugihara, George
openAccessAug-2013Editorial: special issue on regime shifts and tipping points in ecologyDakos, Vasilis; hastings, Alan
openAccess2013Flickering as an early warning signalDakos, Vasilis; van Nes, Egbert H.; Scheffer, M.
openAccess2015Heteroskedasticity as a leading indicator of desertification in spatially explicit dataSeekell, David A.; Dakos, Vasilis
closedAccess2014Interaction network based early-warning indicators of vegetation transitionsTirabassi, G.; Viebahn, J.; Dakos, Vasilis; Dijkstra, Henk A.; Masoller, C.; Rietker, M.; Dekker, S.C.
openAccess2013Living dangerously on borrowed time during slow, unrecognized regime shiftsHughes, T.P.; Linares, Cristina; Dakos, Vasilis; van de Leemput, I.A.; van Nes, Egbert H.
openAccess2012Methods for detecting early warnings of critical transitions in time series illustrated using simulated ecological dataDakos, Vasilis; Carpenter, S.R.; Brock, William A.; Ellison, A.M.; Guttal, Vishwesha, Ives, A.R.; Kéfi, Sonia; Livina, V. N., Seekell, D.A.; van Nes, Egbert H.; Scheffer, M.
openAccess2013Wang et al. replyWang, R.; Dearing, J.A.; Langdon, P.G.; Zhang, E.; Yang, X.; Dakos, Vasilis; Scheffer, M.