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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
25-Nov-2009Academic entrepreneurship: what are the factors shaping the capacity of academic researchers to identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities?D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Mahdi, Surya; Neely, AndyComunicación de congreso
Feb-2008Citation counts: are they good predictors of RAE scores? A bibliometric analysis of RAE 2001Mahdi, Surya; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Neely, AndyLibro
18-Jun-2008Gaining from interactions with universities: multiple methods for nurturing absorptive capacityD'Este Cukierman, PabloComunicación de congreso
17-Jun-2009Investigating the factors that diminish the barriers to university-industry collaborationBruneel, Johan; D'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Salter, AmmonComunicación de congreso
Jan-2011Knowledge transfer activities in Humanities and Social Sciences: which determinants explain research group interactions with non-academic agents?Olmos Peñuela, Julia; Castro Martínez, Elena; D'Este Cukierman, PabloComunicación de congreso
21-Jun-2010Lowering barriers to engage in innovation: evidence from the Spanish innovation SurveyD'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Rentocchini, Francesco; Vega Jurado, JaiderComunicación de congreso
Jan-2007Science and technology in the UK: 2006 censusD'Este Cukierman, Pablo; Neely, AndyLibro

Showing results 1 to 7 of 7