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openAccessBlue green and red.pdf.jpg2012Blue, green and red emissive silver nanoclusters formed in organic solventsDíez, Isabelartículo
openAccess2013Exploring the robustness of macrophyte-based classification methods to assess the ecological status of coastal and transitional ecosystems under the Water Framework DirectiveMascaró, Oriol; Alcoverro, Teresa  ; Dencheva, Kristina; Díez, Isabel; Gorostiaga, José M.; Krause-Jensen, Dorte; Balsby, Thorsten J. S.; Marbà, Núria ; Muxika, Iñigo; Neto, Joao M.; Nikolić, Vedran; Orfanidis, Sotiris; Pedersen, Are; Pérez, Marta M.; Romero, Javierartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2016Implementing thermometry on silicon surfaces functionalized by lanthanide-doped self-assembled polymer monolayersPiñol, Rafael; Antorrena, Guillermo; Brites, Carlos; Silva, Nuno Joâo O.; Murillo, José Luis; Cases, Rafael; Díez, Isabel; Palacio, Fernando; Carlos, Luis D.; Millán, Ángel artículo
openAccessIndium oxide.pdf.jpg2013Indium oxide thin-film homo-junctions: Morphology and electrical propertiesStankiewicz, Jolanta; Villuendas, Francisco; Lozano, María Pilar; Díez, Isabelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Influence of blue and red light illumination on the holographic storage in an azopolyester-PMMA blendBerges, Cristina; Díez, Isabel; Javakhishvili, I.; Hvilsted, Søren; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Alcalá, Rafaelartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Photoresponsive polymers and block copolymers by molecular recognition based on multiple hydrogen bondsConcellón, Alberto; Blasco, Eva; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis; Díez, Isabel; Berges, Cristina; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Alcalá, Rafaelartículo