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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005A single amino acid mutation in the Plum pox virus HC-Pro gene abolishes both synergistic and RNA silencing suppression activitiesGonzález-Jara, Pablo ; Atencio, Félix A.; Martínez-García, Belén ; Barajas, Daniel; Tenllado, Francisco  ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgMay-2012Comparative analysis of transcriptomic and hormonal responses to compatible and incompatible plant-virus interactions that lead to cell deathPacheco, Remedios ; García-Marcos, Alberto ; Manzano, Aranzazu ; García de Lacoba, Mario  ; Camañes Querol, Gemma; García-Agustín, Pilar; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón ; Tenllado, Francisco  artículo
openAccessTabla Ldace1 gene to acetylcholinesterase activity in Colorado.pdf.jpgOct-2011Contribution of Ldace1 gene to acetylcholinesterase activity in Colorado potato beetleRevuelta, Luis ; Ortego, Félix  ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón ; Castañera, Pedro ; Tenllado, Francisco  ; Hernández-Crespo, Pedro  artículo
openAccess1472-6750-3-3.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2003Crude extracts of bacterially expressed dsRNA can be used to protect plants against virus infectionsTenllado, Francisco  ; Martínez-García, Belén ; Vargas, Marisol; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón artículo
openAccessDec-2001Double-stranded RNA-mediated interference with plant virus infectionTenllado, Francisco  ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón artículo
openAccessWO03004649A1.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2003Method of interpfering with a virus infection in plants.Tenllado, Francisco  ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón patente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgOct-1996Nucleotide sequence and symptom modulating analysis of a peanut stunt virus-associated satellite RNA from Poland: High level of sequence identity with the American PSV satellitesFerreiro, C.; Ostrówka, K.; López-Moya Gómez, Juan José ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón artículo
openAccessRRDV_Tenllado F._ 2002.pdf.jpg2002Replicase-mediated transgenic resistance to Tobamovirus infectionsTenllado, Francisco  ; Atencio, Félix A.; González-Jara, Pablo ; Barajas, Daniel; Kálman, D.; Peña, L.; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón capítulo de libro
openAccessJPP_Barajas_2004.pdf.jpg2004Resistance to Plum pox virus (PPV) in Nicotiana benthamiana plants transformed with the PPV HC-Pro silencing suppressor geneBarajas, Daniel; Tenllado, Francisco  ; González-Jara, Pablo ; Martínez-García, Belén ; Atencio, Félix A.; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón artículo
closedAccessDec-2009RNAi of ace1 and ace2 in Blattella germanica reveals their differential contribution to acetylcholinesterase activity and sensitivity to insecticidesRevuelta, Luis ; Piulachs, Maria-Dolors  ; Bellés, Xavier  ; Castañera, Pedro ; Ortego, Félix  ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón ; Hernández-Crespo, Pedro  ; Tenllado, Francisco  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1997Serological characterization of Hungarian plum pox virus isolatesLópez-Moya Gómez, Juan José ; López-Abella, Dionisio; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón ; Martínez-García, Belén ; Gáborjányi, Richardartículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpgNov-2009Transcriptional changes and oxidative stress associated with the synergistic interaction between Potato virus X and Potato virus Y and their relationship with symptom expresiónGarcía-Marcos, Alberto ; Pacheco, Remedios ; Martiáñez, Justo; González-Jara, Pablo ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón ; Tenllado, Francisco  artículo
openAccessBMC_Virology-Journal_2008_Vargas et al.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2008Transient expression of homologous hairpin RNA interferes with PVY transmission by aphidsVargas, Marisol; Martínez-García, Belén ; Díaz-Ruíz, José Ramón ; Tenllado, Francisco  artículo