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closedAccess2011Bioactivity studies of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) interleukin-6: Effects on macrophage growth and antimicrobial peptide gene expressionCosta, M. M.; Maehr, Tanja; Díaz-Rosales, Patricia; Secombes, Christopher J.; Wang, T.Artículo
closedAccess2011Functional Characterization of a Nonmammalian IL-21: Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss IL-21 Upregulates the Expression of the Th Cell Signature Cytokines IFN-γ, IL-10, and IL-22Wang, T.; Díaz-Rosales, Patricia; Costa, M. M.; Campbell, Scott; Snow, Michael; Collet, Bertrand; Martin, Samuel A. M.; Secombes, Christopher J.Artículo
openAccessInterferon-induced_genes_ e100015.pdf.jpg2014Interferon-induced genes of the expanded IFIT family show conserved antiviral activities in non-mammalian speciesVarela, Mónica; Díaz-Rosales, Patricia; Pereiro, Patricia; Forn-Cuni, Gabriel; Costa, M. M.; Dios, S.; Romero, Alejandro; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo
openAccessMicroarray_based_identification.pdf.jpg2012Microarray-based identification of differentially expressed genes in families of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) after infection with viral haemorragic septicaemia virus (VHSV)Díaz-Rosales, Patricia; Romero, Alejandro; Balseiro, P.; Dios, S.; Novoa, Beatriz; Figueras, AntonioArtículo
openAccess2014The first characterization of two type I interferons in turbot (scophthalmus maximus) reveals their differential role, expression pattern and gene inductionPereiro, Patricia; Costa, M. M.; Díaz-Rosales, Patricia; Dios, S.; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo
openAccessWarm_temperature_acclimation.pdf.jpg2014The warm temperature acclimation protein (Wap65) has an important role in the inflammatory response of turbot (scophthalmus maximus)Díaz-Rosales, Patricia; Pereiro, Patricia; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, Beatriz; Dios, S.Pre-print
embargoedAccessZebrafish_Nk-lyssins_2015.pdf.jpg2015Zebrafish Nk-lysins: First insights about their cellular and functional diversificationPereiro, Patricia; Varela, Mónica; Díaz-Rosales, Patricia; Romero, Alejandro; Figueras, Antonio; Novoa, BeatrizArtículo