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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2012Anisotropy based robust focus measure for non-mydriatic retinal imagingMarrugo, A.; Millán, M. S.; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Gabarda Tébar, Salvador
openAccess2012Autofocus evaluation for brightfield microscopy pathology.Redondo, Rafael; Bueno, Gloria; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Déniz, Oscar; Vidal, Juan; Escalante-Ramírez, Boris
openAccess6-Dec-2007Automatic method for the analysis of non-stationary acoustic signalsCristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Gabarda Tébar, Salvador
openAccess29-Jan-2003Automatic object identification irrespective of geometric changesPech-Pacheco, José L.; Álvarez-Borrego, Josué; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Keil, Matthias S.
openAccess2002Automatic slide scanningPech-Pacheco, José L.; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel
openAccess13-Jul-2009How to construct log-Gabor Filters?Fischer, Sylvain; Redondo, Rafael; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel
openAccess3-Apr-2002Invariant recognition of polychromatic images of Vibrio cholerae O1Álvarez-Borrego, Josué; Mouriño-Pérez, Rosa Reyna; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Pech-Pacheco, José L.
openAccess29-Jan-2004Luminance-matching circuit based on local interactions.Keil, Matthias S.; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel
openAccess11-Dec-2008Method for automatically improving images and sequences with spatially varying degradationCristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Gabarda Tébar, Salvador
openAccess4-Feb-2010Método automático de análisis de señales acústicas no-estacionariasCristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Gabarda Tébar, Salvador
openAccess1-Apr-2000Separating the chaff from the wheat: possible origins of the oblique effectKeil, Matthias S.; Cristóbal Pérez, Gabriel
closedAccessMar-1994Space and frecuency variant image enhancement based on a Gabor representationCristóbal Pérez, Gabriel; Navarro, Rafael