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openAccess20-jun-2006The black-white test score gap widens with age?Creel, Michael; Farell, MontserratDocumento de trabajo
openAccess14-feb-2006Creating and Using a Non-Dedicated HPC Cluster with ParallelKnoppixCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess13-oct-2009A Data Mining Approach to Indirect InferenceCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess30-may-2003EconometricsCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess12-nov-2009Estimation of Dynamic Latent Variable Models Using Simulated Nonparametric MomentsCreel, Michael; Kristensen, DennisDocumento de trabajo
openAccess4-feb-2002Graduate Econometrics Lecture NotesCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess16-abr-2002Hausman Tests for Inefficient Estimators: Application to Demand for Health Care ServiceCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess19-may-2011Indirect likelihood inferenceCreel, Michael; Kristensen, DennisDocumento de trabajo
openAccess5-oct-2001Likelihood-Based Approaches to Modeling Demand for Medical CareCreel, Michael; Farell, MontserratDocumento de trabajo
openAccess21-abr-2005Modeling Usage of Medical Care Services: The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Data, 1996-2000Creel, Michael; Farell, MontserratDocumento de trabajo
openAccess15-jun-2005A Note on Parallelizing the Parameterized Expectations AlgorithmCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess6-oct-2004ParallelKnoppix - Rapid Deployment of a Linux Cluster for MPI Parallel Processing Using Non-Dedicated ComputersCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess7-oct-2005ParallelKnoppix TutorialCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess8-jul-2008PelicanHPC TutorialCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess12-nov-2009SNM GuideCreel, Michael; Kristensen, DennisDocumento de trabajo
openAccess31-mar-2004Unconstrained Optimization with MINTOOLKIT for GNU OctaveCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo
openAccess10-ene-2005User-Friendly Parallel Computations with Econometric ExamplesCreel, MichaelDocumento de trabajo