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openAccessbiol.inva.pdf.jpg2012Ant community structure on a small Pacific island: Only one native species living with the invadersCerdá, Xim ; Angulo, Elena ; Caut, Stéphane ; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccessJul-2011Avoiding surprise effects on Surprise Island: alien species control in a multitrophic level perspectiveCaut, Stéphane ; Angulo, Elena ; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccessMay-2007Can bans stimulate wildlife trade?Rivalan, Philippe; Delmas, Virginie; Angulo, Elena ; Bull, Leight; Hall, Richard J.; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Caution on isotopic model use for analyses of consumer dietCaut, Stéphane ; Angulo, Elena ; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccess38662862.pdf.jpgApr-2008Dietary shift of an invasive predator: rats, seabirds and sea turtlesCaut, Stéphane ; Angulo, Elena ; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccessApr-2008Discrimination factors (∆15N and ∆13C) in an omnivorous consumer: effect of diet isotopic ratioCaut, Stéphane ; Angulo, Elena ; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccess1742-9994-10-11-S1.PDF.jpg15-Mar-2013Do social groups prevent Allee effect related extinctions?: The case of wild dogsAngulo, Elena ; Rasmussen, Greg S. A.; Macdonald, D.W.; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccessconBiol.pdf.jpg2007Double Allee Effects and Extinction in the Island FoxAngulo, Elena ; Roemer, Gary W.; Berec, Lûdek; Gascoigne, Joanna; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccess38662734.pdf.jpgJan-2009Fatal attraction: rare species in the spotlightAngulo, Elena ; Saint-James, Michel; Deves, Anne-Laure; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccessTREE.pdf.jpg2013Impacts of biological invasions: What's what and the way forwardSimberloff, Daniel; Martin, J.-L.; Maris, V.; Wardle, David A.; Aronson, James; Courchamp, Franck; Galil, Bella S.; García-Berthou, Emili; Pascal, Michel; Pyšek, Petr; Sousa, Rui; Tabacchi, Mattia ; Vilà, Montserrat Artículo; Artículo
openAccessApr-2007Multiple Allee effects and population managementBerec, Lûdek; Angulo, Elena ; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccess38662719.pdf.jpgApr-2009Rare Species Are Valued Big TimeAngulo, Elena ; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccess38662918.pdf.jpg2006Rarity Value and Species Extinction: The Anthropogenic Allee EffectCourchamp, Franck; Angulo, Elena ; Rivalan, Philippe; Hall, Richard J.; Signoret, Laetitia; Bull, Leight; Meinard, YvesArtículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0039125.pdf.jpg2012Seabird modulations of isotopic nitrogen on islandsCaut, Stéphane ; Angulo, Elena ; Pisanu, Beinot; Ruffino, Lise; Faulquier, Lucie; Lorvelec, Olivier; Chapuis, Jean-Louis; Pascal, Michel; Vidal, Éric; Courchamp, FranckArtículo
openAccessCautetalResponse.pdf.jpg2010Trophic experiments to estimate isotope discrimination factorsCaut, Stéphane ; Angulo, Elena ; Courchamp, Franck; Figuerola, Jordi Artículo