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20048-phenyl-substituted dipyrromethene center dot BF2 complexes as highly efficient and photostable laser dyesGarcia-Moreno, I.; Costela, Angel; Campo, L.; Sastre, Roberto; Amat-Guerri, Francisco; Liras, Marta; López Arbeloa, Fernando; Bañuelos Prieto, Jorge; López-Arbeloa, IñigoArtículo
20108-PropargylaminoBODIPY: unprecedented blue-emitting pyrromethene dye. Synthesis, photophysics and laser propertiesGómez-Durán, C. F. Azael; García-Moreno, Inmaculada; Costela, Angel; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, Roberto; Bañuelos, Jorge; López Arbeloa, Fernando; López Arbeloa, Iñigo; Peña-Cabrera, EduardoArtículo
2010Conventional Unidirectional Laser Action Enhanced by Dye Confined in Nanoparticle ScattersEnciso, Eduardo; Costela, Angel; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, RobertoArtículo
2009New Analogues of the BODIPY Dye PM597 : Photophysical and Lasing Properties in Liquid Solutions and in Solid Polymeric MatricesCostela, Angel; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Pintado-Sierra, Mercedes; Amat-Guerri, Francisco; Sastre, Roberto; Liras, Marta; Lopez Arbeloa, Fernando; Bañuelos Prieto, Jorge; Lopez Arbeloa, IñigoArtículo
2005Polymer-filled nanoporous silica aerogels as hosts for highly stable solid-state dye lasersCostela, Angel; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Gómez, C.; Sastre, Roberto; Roig, Anna; Molins Grau, ElíesArtículo
2004Polymeric solid-state dye lasers : Recent developmentsCostela, Angel; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Sastre, RobertoArtículo
2010Red-edge laser action from borondipyrromethene dyesGarcia-Moreno, I.; Zhang, Dakui; Costela, Angel; Martin, Virginia; Sastre, Roberto; Xiao, YiArtículo
2007Solid state dye laser: New materials based on siliconCostela, Angel; Garcia-Moreno, I.; Agua, D. del; García, Olga; Sastre, RobertoArtículo
2007Structural changes in the BODIPY dye PM567 enhancing the laser action in liquid and solid mediaGarcia-Moreno, I.; Amat-Guerri, Francisco; Liras, Marta; Costela, Angel; Infantes, L.; Sastre, Roberto; López Arbeloa, Fernando; Bañuelos Prieto, Jorge; López Arbeloa, ÍñigoArtículo
2005Structural influence of the inorganic network in the laser performance of dye-doped hybrid materialsCostela, Angel; Garcia-Moreno, I.; García, Olga; Agua, D. del; Sastre, RobertoArtículo
2008Synthetic strategies for hybrid materials to improve properties for optoelectronic applicationsGarcía, Olga; Garrido, Leoncio; Sastre, Roberto; Costela, Angel; García-Moreno, InmaculadaArtículo
2006Triplet-state spectroscopy of dipyrromethene·BF2 laser dyesHernán A., Montejano; Amat-Guerri, Francisco; Costela, Angel; García-Moreno, Inmaculada; Liras, Marta; Sastre, RobertoArtículo

Showing results 1 to 12 of 12